Why Build A Golf Simulator – (My Top 9 Reasons)

A golf simulator provides a golfer the opportunity to play 365 days per year. No longer does the golfer have to worry about the weather, course access, daylight or other variables that stop a golfer from enjoying a game that they love! One of the greatest benefits if the fun and the game improvement that the golfer can experience!

I purchased my golf simulator over 5 years ago and have played over 1,000 rounds. The golf simulator has been great and am thankful I found the way to make it happen!

Do you ever get tired of the cold weather stopping you from playing the game you love?

Yes, I hear you! I got to that point as well!

They say to start with the WHY when starting anything.  I would say the same holds true when you start down the path of building a golf simulator.

While everyone’s why may vary, the 9 reasons below will hit home with the majority of golfers.  

At the end of the day, it is a game we all love and we would enjoy playing 365 days a year when possible!

I went with the SkyTrak and have been thrilled!

Why build a golf simulator?

My top 9 reasons to build a golf simulator!

  1. I love golf!
  2. Entertainment and Escape
  3. Time with family and friends
  4. Weather can’t stop you now!
  5. Affordability
  6. Time Saver
  7. Data and Golf
  8. Game Improvement
  9. Course Access

Why build a golf simulator: Course Access (#9)

While I could be happy playing golf on just about any course, with the access through The Golf Club (TGC) software that my SkyTrak utilizes, I have over 150,000 courses to choose from.  The TGC software has a course creation component and there is a group of people that enjoy this process of designing courses.

As a result, those with the TGC software have access to Pebble Beach, Cypress Point, Oakmont, St. Andrews, TPC Sawgrass, Augusta National, Bethpage Black and many other amazing courses that rank top 100 of the world in the opinion of many.

Where should I buy from?

I would highly recommend Rain or Shine. The options, pricing, customer service and financing offers are difficult to beat! Check out our links below:

Access to some great courses!

The precision in which these courses are designed is truly impressive and appreciated. Some of the courses are named differently to prevent lawsuits, but you quickly learn these names and you are off hitting the 17th tee shot at TPC Sawgrass or trying to stay out of the water left on #18 at Pebble Beach.

You can put yourself in these situations and see how you respond. The software provided makes the game very realistic looking.

Why build a golf simulator: Game Improvement (#8)

With the realistic nature of the golf simulators in today’s market, one can truly improve their golf game through the 365 day access to a driving range and the ability to play golf simulator rounds.  

The majority of the software today comes equipped with different features to build game improvement including a driving range and actual simulated rounds of golf. Your ball striking will improve and will you will be able to analyze the data provided after each and every shot.

The area where I have experienced the greatest strides are with my irons.  The distance control along with the quality of the strike has brought about the opportunity for more birdies and pars.  

I have increased my number of greens hit in regulation from 11 per round to 13 person as a result from my build of a golf simulator.

Believe it or not, it has actually helped solve a simple case of the yips with chipping.  I can now dial in shots anywhere from 5 to 50 yards with some exceptional precision, this is a result of the practice and the solid contact that occurs a high percentage of the time.

Why build a golf simulator: Data and Golf (#7)

Out on the PGA tour the players and the swing coaches are utilizing data to help players improve.  At every range on tour, you can find players utilizing their Trackman or other devices to get the instant data on their golf swing that day.  

This helps golfers keep their swing within a certain range and monitor what their data is when they are scoring and striking the ball at an optimal level.  

Change your swing over the winter with access to relevant data!

Why shouldn’t amateurs utilize similar data to help our own game? While in the past it might have exceeded the budget of many people, today with products like the SkyTrack or one of Foresights products it can be a reality.

Not only can you utilized the launch monitor in an indoor golf simulator setting, but you can take it to the actual range with you to build skill with your golf swing.

This data in my own game has helped me grove a swing that has a typical path between 2 and 4 degrees to the right and ingrain the feeling of that path and where the club face needs to be to produce a slight draw.  

You quickly can gain the feel for the proper swing path and club face angle to maximize your start line and to be able to work the ball on demand.

Why build a golf simulator: Time Saver (#6)

If I was retired and living in Florida or Arizona and had time each day, I would love to play golf 365 days a year on an actual golf course.  However, at this stage in my life and in most peoples lives, we are trying to balance family, career, and fun.

Many times the fun part can be overlooked because of the demands and the desire to be a good father or mother and to ensure you are providing for your family.

With the close proximity of a golf simulator at your house, you can sneak in a 20-30 minute range session or play 9-18 holes without ever leaving the house.

One of my favorites is to play a par 3 course if I have only have 20 minutes and set the putting up to automatic two putts if I hit the green or a 1 putt if within 6 feet.  At this rate and with these settings, I am able to get a fun and enjoyable 20 minutes of golf in before heading onto my next obligation.

Why build a golf simulator: Affordability (#5)

The technology has improved, while the cost for a golf simulator has decreased, creating the perfect time to build a golf simulator.  

The number of options on today’s market that can provide at a minimum something fun to do and possibly game improvement. There has never been a better time for the average person to afford a golf simulator.

In the past, the average cost was between $30,000-$40,000 and now a person can build a quality setup for between $5,000 and $7,000 or enter into the market for just under $1,000.

I would recommend the middle range of between 5 and 7 thousand, but understand that everyone has a budget.

Why build a golf simulator: Weather Can‘t Stop You Now! (#4)

For those of us that do not live in a warm climate year round, the access to golf 365 days a year is fantastic through a golf simulator.  If a golfer lives in the midwest portion of the United States, the golf season begins in April and ends in October.

This leaves a 5 month period of time, where golf isn’t an option, unless you are a true diehard and will play in weather under 35 degrees or where ever shot plugs in the turf/mud.  

With a golf simulator your golf season becomes a 12 month season and the quality of golf you can play in April is drastically improved because you have been playing all winter, striking the ball and hitting different shape shots.

The golf simulator can also be used during the traditional 7 months season for game improvement or during the times when a thunderstorm is rolling through and you get rained out.

Time is barrier for most people 12 months a year, and a golf simulator can be beneficial even during these summer months.

I also enjoy using my golf simulator prior to a round of golf to warm up and get in 20-30 shots before I head to the course.  This helps improve the quality of my round and notice some shot patterns prior to playing

Why build a golf simulator: Time with Friends and Family (#3)

Golf is a special bond that my father and I enjoy and something that my sons are starting to enjoy.  The quality time around a golf simulator with family and friends is so valuable.

Utilizing this space year round to not only improve the golf game, but to spend quality time has helped create a better balance in life between family, career and fun.  

It is a great way to introduce kids to the game of golf because if they are done after 15-20 minutes they can head off to do something else. Also, they don’t have to worry about walking or carrying a bag or 85 degree heat with high humidity. Many of the software programs also provide different target games that kids enjoy playing.

Awesome times with friends and family!

Another cool part of a golf simulator space is that the large screen with an HD projector can serve as a movie theater space for your family and friends.  Many people will dual utilize their space and maximize their investment.

Why build a golf simulator: Entertainment and Escape (#2)

Not only can I work on improving my game, but I believe the time spent on the golf simulator helps me be a better father and employee as a result of having a clear mind and enjoying life.

While the game improvement side is nice, the ability to play Pebble Beach, Augusta National, PGA West, Cypress Point, or St. Andrews on a January day when it is 20 degrees and a snow storm is moving in, can’t be beat!  

As a junior golfer many years ago, I dreamed of the opportunity to have a golf simulator and improve the game and enjoy the fun. Now, I have been able to make this a reality!

Why build a golf simulator: I Love Golf! (#1)

It’s a game that I fell in love with at 10 years old and has brought great friendships, awesome travel opportunities, and the opportunity for personal growth through physical skill development and the mental challenge that each round presents!  

*Warning – Building a golf simulator could create an addiction to golf or further develop your addiction to golf.  You only live once! Live it to the max!

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I would highly recommend Rain or Shine. The options, pricing, customer service and financing offers are difficult to beat! Check out our links below:

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4 – Practice Frequently

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