Golf Simulator Accessories – Top 18 Recommendations

Looking to add some accessories to your golf simulator space?  

You have come to the right place!

I have played over 1000 round of golf on my Skytrak Golf Simulator and have learned a lot!

We all know that the essentials for any golf simulator include the actual golf simulator, the enclosure and impact screen, the hitting mat, the projector and the computer to actually run the software.  

Many of us have spent many hours researching the golf simulator setup of our dreams and have tried to match that with whatever budget were were able or allowed to use. I ended up going with the SkyTrak and provide my top 11 reasons why in the linked post.

Whether you are still in the research stage or have built your golf simulator already, it is never too early or too late to plan your accessories that will make the overall experience that much better for you and your golfing friends and family.  

I like to search frequently and see what others are using in their simulator space that I might be able to add. We all want a great experience for our fellow golfers and to be proud of the space we have researched, designed and ultimately built. We have items for entertainment, game improvement, and comfort.  

I provide my top 18 accessories to consider.

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So what are the best accessories to add to your golf simulator build?

Top 18 accessories that you can/should add to your golf simulator space include:

  1. Television
  2. Amazon Dot
  3. Ball provider
  4. Tees
  5. Balls
  6. Shoes
  7. Golf Gloves
  8. Protective Case
  9. Camera
  10. Selfie Stick
  11. Putting Cup
  12. Orange Whip
  13. Superspeed
  14. Wall Art
  15. Lights
  16. Club Holder
  17. Counter Height Stools
  18. Heater/Air Conditioning

1) Television

Entertainment – Why not add a TV to your area?  Picture this – it is Saturday or Sunday afternoon in the middle of January and the PGA tour is in Hawaii.  You are in your golf simulator space playing some amazing Hawaiian course and you want to watch the pros play.

 If you have the The Golf Club (TGC) software, you may be playing the same course as the pros. How cool would it be to watch the shots the pros are hitting as you play the same course?   You can do this all with a tv and the right software such as TGC.

Or it now March and the NCAA Basketball tournament is on tv.  You have some buddies over playing golf and you can watch the tournament at the same time.  Or it is a Sunday in the December and your favorite NFL team is playing at 1pm, but you also to play some golf.  You can do both with a mounted TV in your golf simulator space. It is pretty fun to watch the pros play a course and play the course at the same time on your simulator.

Game Improvement – Another great way is if you are working on your game and want to watch instructional videos as you practice the drills or techniques that your teacher is recommending.  A nice 42-50 inch TV might be the perfect add on to bring that instructor to life and allow you to practice in your simulator space as you are watching the instructional videos.  

If you are recording your swing and uploading to youtube, you can project your swing on the TV and make adjustments as needed. Or you can sign up for Skype based lesson with an online instructor and have the person right there in your golf simulator space with.  The possibilities are endless!

I prefer to Roku based Smart TVs – Check Price

2) Amazon Echo Dot

Entertainment – When you are going through a range session on your golf simulator wouldn’t you want to listen to some music that brings enjoyment and helps you with your rhythm?  

With an amazon dot, you can quickly add music to your space and bring a wide range of your music options through the amazon dot. I have added one to my simulator space and I truly enjoy listening to music as I play!  These are perfect for your home, office or golf simulator.

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3) Callaway Pro Caddie Premium Ball Feeder

Comfort: Tired of bending over during your range session on your golf simulator or have a sore back?  Here is a neat little add on to your golf simulator space. It holds up to 35 balls. Simply tap it and another ball comes out.  

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4) Golf Simulator Tees

In a golf simulator, you can go through a lot of tees as you quickly play a round of golf.  I have preferred to go with the plastic tees. This keeps your space clean from broken tees.  I would recommend keeping 20-30 around and going with these plastic tees. You might want to buy in different heights for both irons and the driver.  Just simply place a bunch in a little cup next to your simulator and use until it is time to pick up.

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5) Golf Balls

Of course you need golf balls for your golf simulator, but what kind.  I prefer the Srixon Soft Feel balls for the driver and three wood and will typically use a higher level ball like the ProV1 practice balls for irons.  After researching the practice version of the ProV1s I discovered the only difference is their is a slight cosmetic issue with the practice version of the practice ball.  

What a great way to save some money, but still use a quality golf ball. You will be impressed with the spin and the ability to hold greens. I have found that the spin rates for the Pro V1s with the irons are more realistic and help you hold sometimes the most difficult greens.  

I use the SkyTrak and both of these balls seem to response positively and realistically to the my launch monitor.

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6) Shoes

While you could golf in your tennis shoes or any athletic pair of shoes, I prefer my footjoy shoes, which are as comfortable as an athletic pair of shoes, but have the reinforced toe area.  I originally wore out a pair of running shoes on the back right toe from my follow through. Since, I have gone with these Footjoys, which are extremely comfortable and keep you from slipping even on an indoor mat.  

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7) Golf Gloves

From the amount of shots that you might hit over the course of 365 days, you will want to ensure you have a quality grip for each shot and can protect your hands from getting torn up.  I have used the Callaway Dawn Patrol golf glove, which typically sells relatively cheap, but provides a good feel. I prefer a little more expensive golf when playing outdor golf, but these work perfect for my simulator golf.

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8) Protective Case

You definitely have to protect your most expensive purchase for your golf simulator and that is your golf launch monitor.  I went with the SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor and would highly recommend you buy the protective case.

While you may not have to worry about shanked shots, I am sure one of your buddies or someone in your family might struggle with destroy your expensive investment.  Spend the extra money. I did and it has worked great as it probably has been hit 3-4 times by different shanked shots from other people.

With the amount of money you might be spending or have spent on your golf simulator built, this is the last place you want to cut corners.

You might already know, but you can take the SkyTrak with you to the range or course for practice sessions.  The case provides that extra layer of security as you move it from one space to the next. There is also a levelling system that works very easily.

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9) Camera

Game Improvement – You have the perfect opportunity to improve your game with a golf simulator.  An essential piece for your game improvement space is a camera or using your Iphone or Smartphone so that you can record your swing to analyze and improve your game.  

I have a free download of the Hudl app that allows you to draw lines and see your positioning. The paid version allows you to compare your swing to a pro golfer. The reason you might go camera over Iphone is the ability to watch your swing in slow motion.  

The frames per second on some cameras exceeds that of a smartphone. This is a major element to research, but I would recommend the camera linked below. It can be difficult to see your exact impact position with a typical smartphone, so a camera might be worth it for you.

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10) Selfie Golf

This product is really, really useful and versatile.  You can use it right in your golf simulator and record your swing whenever you want.  Or take it with you on the course and record every shot that you hit throughout the round.  Either way, it is easy to store in your golf bag and use when you need to record your swing for game improvement.  

The package comes with two alignment sticks which can be beneficial during your practice sessions as well. The Selfie Golf will keep the camera steady and allow for a quality video to analyze.

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11) Putting Cup

You have several different options for installing and utilizing a putting cup.  If you are pre golf simulator build, there might be a way to buy an actual cup and make it part of your build by designing and building a putting platform that enables to to build the cup at the same level as your hitting mat surface.  Or you can simply pick up something like this cup that can be used as an aim point during your simulator rounds.

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12) Orange Whip

A great product for use in your simulator space and on the course.  I like buying these accessories that can be used in both settings. This warmup and game improvement accessory can help you get loose for your round golf, create a more athletic golf swing, and improve the rhythm and timing of your swing.  There are different variations on the golf market.

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13) Superspeed Golf Training System

Game Improvement: Want to hit the ball longer?  Don’t we all! Then one way is to increase your distance is through increasing your swing speed.  The Superspeed system can do just that for you through their scientific approach to building greater speed into your golf swing.  Although pricey, I have read about many golfers and have viewed youtube video of people increasing their swing speed. Instead of buying that fancy new driver, the better purchase just might be the Superspeed system.

This one is definitely on my wish list.  This system is currently used by 600 Golf Pros worldwide.  It promises to increase swing speed by 5% in 6 weeks. You receive three different clubs that are various lengths and the protocol to follow to increase your swing speed for the long haul.  This is a great addition to any golf simulator space, especially during the winter months when it is a great time to experiment with your game and try to make improvements.

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14) Wall Art

One of the cool things about your golf simulator space is hanging different photos of your favorite golf courses.  There are some pretty impressive pictures that can bring your simulator space to life. A combination of pictures and some of you own memorabilia create not only a good looking golf simulator setup, but great topics of conversations when playing golf in your simulator space with family and friends.

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15) Lights

I simple use a floor lamp to provide enough light to brighten up the space, but not too much to drown out the beautiful projected image through your HD projector.  You want that image to be crisp and clean and I have found the floor lamp to be that extra accessory to make the place look great.

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16) Club Holder

It can be a pain to continue to put clubs in and out of your golf bag during your golf simulator rounds.  Make it truly your space and provide quick access to your clubs by investing in an accessory linked below.  You can quickly grab the club you need and keep your round moving.

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17) Counter Height Stools

These provide a quick break and allows those golfing your simulator area to take a break and relax.  While simulator golf is not physically intensive, sitting down for a minute or two between shots when multiple people are playing has never hurt anyone.  I have added similar stools to my golf simulator build. Or if you have enough space a nice couch might be the perfect addition.

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18) Heating and AC Unit

If you are building your golf simulator in your garage you may need a heating and AC unit to keep the temperature comfortable during the extremes of the season (winter and summer). The majority of the year should be ok in most parts, but you want to be comfortable when playing.  Here is an air condition unit I considered.

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We all want a fantastic golf simulator that brings us a great deal of fun and possible game improvement opportunities.  These accessories can really make the space that much better for not that much more money. The item I have found to be the most exciting to add is the television.  

It has helped with the entertainment portion of the space and from a game improvement standpoint. From my trip the masters, I have been able to add some amazing pictures that bring back good memories and are conversation starters when playing in the simulator.

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