How Long Do Golf Shoes Last? (5 Factors)

Golf shoes can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years depending on the number of rounds you play per year.  Other factors to consider include the quality of the shoe, the conditions in which you play, whether you walk or ride a cart, and the maintenance of your shoes between rounds.

The cost of playing golf can start to add up over time.

Of course you have your golf clubs, golf balls, golf tees, green fees and many other essential costs to playing the game.

Golf shoes are something many golfers choose to wear and for good reason.  The stability, waterproof nature of the golf shoes, in addition to the spikes on the bottom provide a quality, comfortable experience when playing a round of golf.

Like most of our purchases in life, we want to maximize the performance and the longevity and golf shoes are no different.

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Overtime dirt can build up on golf shoes if not cleaned after every round or two.

How Long Do Golf Shoes Last?

Let’s dive into the 5 factors that impact how long your golf shoes will last.  Here is a quick list of those factors that influence the longevity of your golf shoes.

  • How many rounds per year
  • Quality of the golf shoe
  • The conditions in which you play
  • Whether you walk or ride a cart
  • Maintenance between rounds

5 Major Factors Impacting How Long Your Golf Shoes Will Last

How many rounds per year

If you are someone that is only playing 5-10 rounds per year, you can expect to get the higher end out of the longevity of the which could be close to 5 years.  

However, if you love the game and get a chance to play frequently and play upwards of 75-100 rounds per year, you will more than likely be looking to replace your golf shoes at the beginning of every season.  Your older shoes can then become your beginning of season or end of season shoe when the weather is sloppy and you don’t want to ruin a newer pair.

For those somewhere between this range, as long as your maintain your shoes between rounds, you can see somewhere on average between 2-3 golf seasons.

Many people will choose to replace their shoes out of fashion or just a desire to have a new pair of shoes.  Remember how exciting it was to get new shoes as a kid?  Many golfers feel this way as well!

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If you walk and carry your bag, you may need to replace your shoes more often. You will really want comfortable shoes that feel good!

Quality of the golf shoe

Not all golf shoes are created equal.  I have worn a wide range of quality of golf shoes in my 30 years of playing golf. Most recently, I bought an expensive pair and there is a major difference.  By spending some additional money on the shoes you increase the water proof ability of the shoe, the overall comfortability and also the look of the shoe.

The golf shoes I am currently wearing are extremely comfortable and I feel like I could run a 5K in them!  They are that comfortable.

On the opposite end I have had the cheap pair to get you started in the game.  They are often stiff, uncomfortable and struggle in wet conditions.  Spending the extra money on a quality golf shoe is worth it and your feet will thank you!  The last thing you want on a round of golf is to have sore or tired feet at the end, where you are thinking, “I can’t wait to get these golf shoes off my feet.”

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You now have options that look much better than these shoes. See below for two great options!

The conditions in which you play

If you live out west in Arizona and play the majority of your rounds in dry, warm weather, you will get more life out of your golf shoes then if you play morning golf in the midwest where there is always dew and moisture on the ground.  Mud starts to creep in anytime it rains and the beginning and the end of the season don’t bring ideal conditions.

If you are someone that only golfs in the nicest parts of the golf season when it is 75-85 degrees and dry, your shoes can last a long time.  The bottom line is that the nicer the conditions the longer your shoes will last, especially from an appearance stand point.

I look forward to the days of playing Arizona golf again.  I have taken several golf trips out there and hope to spend my retirement years playing golf on the most beautiful grass I have experienced.  The conditions are wonderful in parts of the year!

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Rounds on dry grass during quality weather will extend the life of your golf shoes.

Whether you walk or ride a cart

On average, the golfer that walks 18 holes will put in around 6-7 miles by the end of the round.  This is a lot of walking up and down hills and moving throughout the golf course.

Compare this to the golfer that rides the cart and always pulls up next to his or her ball when it is appropriate and the number of steps and total distance decreases significantly!  Walking 18 holes is going to shorten the total life of your golf shoes when compared with walking.  This is especially true of the golf spikes on the bottom of the shoe.

It all adds up, if you are playing in wet conditions, walking 18 holes and playing frequently you will have to replace your shoes more often.  However, you will want to replace your shoes more often because the importance of a quality golf shoe that provides comfort and a dry experience makes the overall round of golf and golf season that much better!

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Maintenance between rounds

Are you the person that just takes your golf shoes off and throws them in the trunk of your car until your next round?  Or are you the person who takes them inside the house, cleans them up and allows them to properly dry out?  Whether you are golfer A or golfer B, the longevity of your shoe will be impacted by what you do between rounds.

It is important for golf shoes to be able to dry out and be ready for the next round.  Also, if having clean, nice appearing shoes is important to you cleaning your shoes between rounds will help prevent the buildup of dirt and mud in certain parts of your golf shoe.

We know there are all different kinds of golfers.  You must decide what is most important to you.  Do you want your golf shoes to last a long time, or do you want the excuse to buy a new pair.  I know I love to get a new pair every season and change up the style, while keeping a high level of performance and comfortability in play!

Do Golf Shoes Matter?

Factors to Consider When Buying Golf Shoes

  • Appearance
  • Comfort
  • Water Proof
  • Longevity
  • Spike vs Non Spike

Some High Quality Golf Shoe Options

Final Thoughts: How Long Do Golf Shoes Last

As you can see, there are many factors that will impact how long your golf shoes will last.  If you buy a high quality shoe, take care of it between rounds and don’t wear in the worst of the conditions you can expect to get several years or seasons out of your golf shoes.

If you are someone like me that plays as often as possible in some difficult conditions be realistic on the longevity of your golf shoe.  I often walk when playing, which takes some longevity off of the life of the shoe as well.

The bottom line is that you want your feet to be dry and comfortable.  If you look great in the shoe as well, this is a bonus!

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