How Accurate Is SkyTrak Golf: My Own Experience

After 1,000 rounds, I would say the SkyTrak is accurate within 1-2% of the highest priced launch monitors. The difference between the the SkyTrak and highest end launch monitors is not noticeable by the typical amateur golfer!

One of the key questions that I asked when researching setting up a golf simulator in my garage was how accurate is SkyTrak Golf?  I saw the price difference between the commercial models, the most expensive home models and the SkyTrak and wondered what the overall experience would be like.

700 rounds later, I have had plenty of experience with SkyTrak golf and want to provide my knowledge to you in your journey in setting up a golf simulator in your garage, basement or home.

I spent over 9 months researching and debating in my head whether to go with the SkyTrak or Protee model.  I also considered several others, but overall wanted to stay in the 5-7 thousand dollar range for the all inclusive price. 

My setup in my garage with my SkyTrak Launch Monitor

I was willing to pay a quality dollar for a quality experience and the computer, screen, mat and other items would fall into place, but most importantly I wanted to hit a “hole in one” with the decision related to the launch monitor or aka the brains of the operation.

I sure indeed hit a “hole in one” with my selection of the SkyTrak!

Let’s face it, if we are going to spend the money it takes to setup a golf simulator in our home, we want to have a realistic experience not only to maximize our fun, but to help us also play better golf.  

Here at golfjourney365, we love the fun involved in the game, but also the challenge of getting better everyday.  The SkyTrak has checked all of the important boxes in my over 700 rounds of golf on my home simulator.

There are often many questions associated with the accuracy of the SkyTrak.  They include:

  • How accurate is SkyTrak Golf?
  • Is the SkyTrak Golf Realistic?
  • Can I get better playing Simulator Golf with my Skytrak Launch Monitor?
  • What Other Parts Help Make the SkyTrak Accurate and Realistic?

How Accurate is SkyTrak Golf?

So the SkyTrak Launch Monitor sits on the caddy side of the ball several inches away from the ball.  The launch monitor reads the ball speed, spin and other factors to predict what shot was hit.  In head to head tests that I have seen on youtube, the results always come back very positive for the SkyTrak Launch Monitor.  

People are impressed that at the price point of the SkyTrak the consumer is able to get a quality launch monitor that in the early 2000s would have cost over 30,000 dollars to setup in one’s home.  Now, the future is bright for home simulator golf because of the affordability.

Note: If you are looking at purchasing a SkyTrak or any golf simulator package, I would highly recommend Rain or Shine Golf. They have great customer service and great packages with financing.

Check out the SkyTrak vs. the GC2

While the SkyTrak has a 2-3 second delay (not a big deal to me and actually enjoyable) it has been very accurate throughout my 700 rounds.  Through the accuracy I have been able to reduce my average scores by 4-6 shots over this same time period. 

What I actually like about the delay is that it has further developed my feel for just what took place in the swing.  I have found myself being able to predict the shot just from the feel.  The 2 to 3 second delay gives me the moment to actually say out loud what I think the shot just did.  I am accurate about 90% of the time. 

This speaks my increased feel of my swing and the accuracy and reliability of the launch monitor and the accuracy involved.

Others report that it is within 2% accuracy of a Trackman Launch Monitor, which often sells for a significant amount more money than the SkyTrak.  While the SkyTrak won’t provide perfect data, the results are close enough for fun and game improvement!

Is SkyTrak Golf Realistic?

The number one question I receive when someone finds out I have a golf simulator in my garage is how realistic are the golf simulators.  I go on to explain my SkyTrak setup and give a 10 out of 10 review for the realistic nature of it. 

The only thing that really doesn’t measure up to great is the putting.  However, there are features to turn off the putting and take 2 strokes if on the green, but outside of 6 feet or a 1 putt inside of 6 feet. 

My thinking on this is if I only have 45 minutes for a round of golf that day, I want to hit full shots or chip shots that will develop my full swing, areas where I feel the SkyTrak excels in accuracy. 

Putting is so much about reading greens and the vision part of it, that while I believe it is somewhat realistic, I would rather spend my time elsewhere.

So, I did a little comparison of golf scores to measure up the realistic nature of the SkyTrak.  What better way than to actually compare scores shot over the past 15 rounds, both outside and with my SkyTrak Golf Simulator setup.

Golf Simulator ScoreRelative to Par15 Total RoundsReal Golf ScoreRelative to Par
721Round #1764
750Round #2786
723Round #3743
819Round #4710
753Round #570-1
733Round #6710
753Round #7720
71-1Round #8731
71-1Round #9721
721Round #10743
733Round #11743
721Round #12744
721Round #13721
721Round #14733
764Round #15732
How accurate is SkyTrak Golf (Here is a comparison of data)

Accuracy of Golf Simulator vs Reality – Data Breakdown

  • Total Strokes (15 Total Rounds) = 1102 in Simulator Golf and 1097 in Real Golf
  • Total Strokes Over Par (15 Total Rounds)  = 31 in Simulator Golf and 30 in Real Golf
  • Average Score = 73.47 in Simulator Golf and 73.13 in Real Golf
  • Average Strokes Over Par = 2.07 in Simulator Golf and 2.0

Overall the numbers speak for themselves, but below I will talk about some of the differences in Simulator Golf vs Reality.  How crazy that after 15 rounds there is only a 5 shot difference? Having never done a data comparison before, I must say I am even more impressed with simulator golf.

Can I get better playing Simulator Golf with my SkyTrak Launch Monitor?

The short answer is yes!  There are so many opportunities to get better as a result of owning your very own golf simulator in your garage, basement or home.  Here is a list of the advantages:

  • Frequency of play
  • More solid shots
  • Ability to learn to work the ball
  • Practice on a course
  • Daily routines

Overall, the frequency of play changes drastically for many golfers.  Now you can play 365 days a year in the comfort of your home or garage.  You no longers have to worry about rain, snow or even darkness.  Simply take your SkyTrak out to your space and the time is yours.

From daily practice and following the right online instructors, you can quickly learn more and more about your swing.  The accuracy of the SkyTrak provides real time feedback on what shot you just hit.  

There is nothing better than setting up on one of your favorite holes and hitting approach shot after approach shot into that green.  My personal favorite is number 11 at Augusta! 

I love the challenge of the water sitting there to the left of the green with the bunker on the right.  You have to hit a slight draw, but don’t over draw it.

Or standing on the 12th hole at Augusta, trying to land your shot by controlling your distance on that small green from front to back.   There are so many options and versatility provided by the SkyTrak and the TGC Software that I choose to match it up with. 

An amazing area at Augusta!

What I often hear from the golf professionals is that amateurs must spend more time practicing on the course and playing rounds vs pounding golf balls at the range and I couldn’t agree more.  

The ability to practice a specific part of your game or play a round of golf without driving to the course and being able to complete a round in 45 minutes, you get a great deal of practice. 

You get instant feedback, data and the key information to help you get better.  I love my SkyTrak and am thrilled with the experience and the game improvement. 

The best compliment I received lately was when a person I first golfed with remarked on the control I have over the golf ball with irons.  I am able to control my distance and the curve of my ball from the many shots hit on my SkyTrak based golf simulator.

What Other Parts Help Make the SkyTrak Accurate and Realistic?

The SkyTrak is compatible with different softwares that run the course side of it all.  I would highly recommend the TGC software due to the amazing graphics and the many real golf courses that are available. 

My favorite courses to play include Augusta, Whistling Straits, Pebble Beach and Bethpage Black.  Playing these courses has helped me get better and it becomes that much more enjoyable to watch on television when the pros are playing there and you have hit shots on that same hole!

Looking to gain more Speed and Distance in your swing. Two Options:

Final Words

The SkyTrak Launch monitor has provided everything I had hoped for.  I was recelived after many months of research on how wonderful of an experience it provided. 

I have been able to have fun with family and friends, work on improving my game and pretty much play golf anytime I have free time!  The barriers of improvement and playing are gone and I am able to work on my game when I want with some impressive feedback and data to drive my game!

Take Action – What You Can Do Today to Get Better

What does this mean for you?  I believe in the following recipe to get better:

1 – Improve your motion in the golf swing by identifying a golf instructor.  Here are some options:

Here is a list of golf instructors that we have reviewed:

2 – Train to swing faster and improve your swing speed.  Here are some options:

Looking to gain more Speed and Distance in your swing. Two Options:

3 – Understand course strategy and work to break through your next barrier.  Here is a series on breaking through:

We have provided guides on how to break 100, 90, 80 and 70. Check out more below, if interested.

4 – Practice Frequently

Did you know that I build a golf simulator in my garage and have played over 500 rounds of golf on my SkyTrak system?  It has been a game changer and one worth checking out. Here are some of my other posts on golf simulators frequently asked questions:

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