Are Adjustable Drivers Worth It? (Complete Overview)

If you are in the market for a new driver and it has been awhile, you might notice that you now have the option to buy an adjustable driver.  Which leads to the question of if the adjustable drivers are worth it.  

The adjustable drivers are often more expensive to the purchase and some golfers might never use this adjustable option.

In our golf journey, we all want to find the perfect golf club that will help us improve our game and give us an edge over the competition. It is important for most players to have a wide range of clubs in their bag, but it may be difficult to decide if you should go with adjustable drivers or not.

Let’s take a look at some of the key questions associated with these clubs so you can make an informed decision about what type of driver best suits your needs and determine for you if adjustable drivers are worth it.

My final recommendation is to buy the adjustable driver. See the top reasons below!

Are Adjustable Drivers Worth It?

Yes, for most golfers! With the extra money you might spend on the adjustable driver it comes down to if you are the type of golfer that wants flexibility to adjust the weight of the club and the loft of the club.  If so, then the adjustable driver is worth it.

When a golfer adds swing speed, takes a lesson, or changes his or her swing, they will be glad they have an adjustable driver!

If you are someone that will never adjust the club and tinker with it, then don’t spend the extra money.

Below, I will dive into the following topics:

  • What are adjustable drivers
  • Who can benefit from adjustable drivers
  • How do adjustable drivers work
  • Which brand offer adjustable drivers
  • How to know when to adjust your driver

Personal Experience: While I do believe adjustable drivers are worth and provide some great flexibility, I believe the most important part of the driver is the shaft. With the wrong weighted shaft or flex, the golfer will be fighting an uphill battle with the driver. Pay extra attention to what shaft is in the driver you are playing. I played with too light of a shaft for close to 8 months and never got comfortable with the driver. I changed the shaft and it was like a completely different club!

1. What are adjustable drivers? 

Adjustable drivers allow a golfer several options when it comes to where the weight is located, and being able to adjust the loft.

There are a few different types of adjustable drivers on the market. Golfers typically have three or four options for where to place weight in order adjust their clubs and give them more control over how they hit it, as well has adjusting loft depending upon what amount of loft you prefer.

We all golf with golfers that would benefit from a lower loft and those that could use extra loft. The great thing about the adjustable drivers is that you don’t need to decide at the time of purchase. To me, the adjustable loft is the single greatest benefit of the adjustable driver and makes it worth it at the end of the day.

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2. Who can benefit from adjustable drivers? 

Adjustable drivers can benefit golfers of all skill levels because they are able to customize the club for their specific needs. If you have a low-loft driver, it will be best suited towards someone who has little trouble getting the golf ball in air and wants help with distance by hitting a more penetrating ball flight.  If you prefer a higher loft depending on the course conditions or your current swing, the option to add loft is alway there.

Many golfers will benefit from being able to make adjustments on the range during practice sessions.  Getting the club setup just right for you at that time becomes an option.  You are no longer limited to where the club is set at time of purchase.  For example, if you can decide between the 8.5 degree loft and the 10 degree loft, the ability to adjust your club will be a major benefit for you.

The golfer who prefers to tinker with their club setup will benefit from the adjustable driver.  The golfer who will adjust their swing to the driver might not ever adjust their club and might over pay by selecting this option.  Oftentimes there are similar clubs, but one is adjustable and one is not.

If you are making the investment in a golf club that you plan to use for 3-5 years, having the option to adjust your driver based on your swing might help you long term.  If you start a golf season and all of a sudden you are hitting the ball too high, adjusting the driver down several degrees in the loft might help out. 

So, most golfers will benefit from being able to adjust, even if you aren’t the type of person that is going to adjust every other week.

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These golfers are able to adjust every week, why shouldn’t the amateur take advantage of these same adjustments?

3. How do they work? 

Adjustable drivers come with a golf club wrench that allows the golfer to make the adjustments as needed.  Every manufacturer has a slightly different setup, but it is typically easy for the golfer to figure out and get the club set up to how they need it. 

Most golf clubs have a small manual to help lay out how to make the adjustments.  Over time, most golfers get very comfortable with how to adjust the driver.  This can be done quickly during a practice round or at the driving range.  It doesn’t take much time and allows the golfer to test out the different settings.

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4. Which brands offer them?

Most of the major brands offer adjustable drivers.  There are many options for the golfer.

Almost all of the major golfing manufacturers offer this style. Check your preferred brand first before shopping around for another model.

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If you take a lesson and your swing changes, being able to adjust your drive might be necessary!

5. How To Know When To Adjust Your Driver

There are two different ways to understand when it is time to adjust your driver.  Most golfers use one of two methods:

  • Results at the course or driving range based on watching the ball flight.
  • Using a launch monitor to measure ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and total distance.

I prefer the second option of utilizing a launch monitor.  I know most people are thinking that they can’t afford a Trackman.  The good news is that there are now some very affordable options on the market between the 500 and 2000 dollar range.  I went with the SkyTrak several years ago and have it as part of my golf simulator setup and can also take it with me to the driving range or golf course.  Not only can I play golf 365 days a year, but I can also get the following data on every shot:

  • Carry Distance
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Spin Rate
  • Total Distance
  • Spin Axis

Here are the top 3 launch monitors in this price range that we would recommend:

5 Trackman Alternatives!

With these tools golfers are now able to test out which clubs and settings are best for their gap.  Not only can you know when to adjust your driver and which setting is best, but you can also map out your bag for distance and monitor your spin rate on all of your clubs.

These benefits go a long way.  Finally, those that want to play or practice 365 days a year now have a viable option as the SkyTrak and Mevo+ can both be used to create a golf simulator setup.  This is the ultimate for those that live in parts of the world where the cold weather can keep you from practicing and enjoy the game you enjoy so much!

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SkyTrak setup with TGC Software. Great feedback, great courses, great improvement!

Final Thoughts: Are Adjustable Drivers Worth It?

My recommendation would be to go with the adjustable driver.  If you take a lesson, gain swing speed, or change your swing being able to adjust your driver to fit your game is important and will save you from having to buy a new driver in the short term.

Having the flexibility is similar to the professional golfers who week in and week out have many options as they stand on the practice range with all of the club reps that are out on tour.  They can tinker and adjust and now the amateur golfer has those same options.

Spend the extra money and make the investment in your game.  Don’t forget to check out the launch monitors as these are game changers that can also give you the same edge that the professionals have, just at a lower price.

Take Action – What You Can Do Today to Get Better

What does this mean for you?  I believe in the following recipe to get better:

1 – Improve your motion in the golf swing by identifying a golf instructor.  Here are some options:

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2 – Train to swing faster and improve your swing speed.  Here are some options:

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4 – Practice Frequently

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