What Is The Easiest Golf Swing To Learn?

All golfers are on a journey!

Every round and every season provides a new journey.  Oftentimes for many golfers, they seem to lack the progress that they might expect. They just can’t seem to break through the next barrier

This hit ball after ball at the driving range, practice the short game on occasion, but never really seem to get better!

They might even go for a series of golf lessons, but still can’t seem to reduce their score or their handicap.  

So what is the solution for the golfer that is frustrated with their lack of progress?

My recommendation is it might be time to uncomplicate the game, stop trying to hit certain positions and instead let the natural movements that you make in other sports or everyday life start to take over.  

Turn your attention to the target and stop trying to manipulate your arms, shoulders, chest, back and legs into certain positions.

If you have seen it all on youtube or instructional videos, you will know that the advice can often be contradictory.

You have one golf instructor telling you to use the ground forces, while another is telling you to fire your arms, but the previous instructor is telling you to stay passive with your arms at the top of the swing.

So what drives the swing, the legs, the body or the arms?  Do you really need to hit certain positions on the backswing if you can hit the important positions on the downswing?

Should you really put more weight on your front leg?

The golfer might start to go crazy, trying to figure out what is best for his or her game.

Ever feel frustrated with your lack of progress? Time to check out Shawn Clement!

What Is The Easiest Golf Swing To Learn?

The Shawn Clement approach to golf could be the easiest golf swing to learn out there.  Utilizing gravity, the genius of the human body and removing positions from the golf swing might be just what the golfer needs.  Stop chasing positions and instead let a target based focus guide your body movements as you throw the club to the target.

What Makes the Shawn Clement Swing Easy To Learn?

There are some key elements that we believe make the Shawn Clement the easiest swing to learn:

  • The golfer utilizes the setup to control the shape of the ball.
  • The golfer is making an everyday, athletic motion to throw the club down the fairway.
  • Good shot or bad shot, the golfer doesn’t try to replicate positions or feelings.

#1: The Golfer Utilizes The Setup To Control The Shape of the Ball

In the Shawn Clement approach the golfer uses the setup to help shape the ball.  If you are someone that has always sliced the ball, the Shawn Clement approach can be a game changer for you.  His easy to follow steps for hitting the draw might help you finally get past the slice that has been holding your back.

For a draw, he will have the golfer aim the clubface at the target.  From here the golfer will close the stance and swing along his or her foot line.  This creates an in to out swing path with a closed club face to the path.  This results in a draw.  The golfer’s main task is to “clip the dandelion” aka the ball and send the arm and club unit down that line.  The body responds to the task at hand and the swing is free, easy and no tension exists!

For a fade, the golfer aims the club face slightly to the left with the fee further to the left.  The golfer will once again swing along the foot line, creating a slight out to in path to produce spin on the ball that will curve to the right.  The golfer is able to have a full release and “throw the clubhead through the hitting zone and down the fairway.”  The golfers once again maintain a tension free swing that is free of positional thoughts that can lead to hesitation and tension in the swing.

Resource: Complete Shawn Clement Review

#2: The Golfer Is Using An Athletic Motion

Whether the golf is skipping a rock, throwing a club or clipping a dandelion the task at hand is simple to complete.  The golfer is free of thinking about getting their hands to one spot, their shoulder to the other, while flexing their legs in a certain manner.  Instead the golfer is getting back and through and making an athletic motion with gravity being our friend.  

We have all played sports as kids or skipped rocks on the river.  The golfer must simple make these simple motions and allow the body and mind complete the task at hand.  When you were skipping rocks as a kid, you didn’t sit there and think about what positions your hand was in as you took the club back.  You simply took your arm back, stepped and threw that rock across the water.

#3: No Replication of Positions or Swing Thoughts

Shawn spends a lot of time talking about how terrible the human mind and body are at hitting the same positions every time.  Trying to control our body to hit a certain position might be the worst way to play golf.  If you have ever played this way, you know how frustrating it can be.  Instead, the golfer is following the task at hand. 

It starts wit the setup, giving yourself a flight plan for the ball and then allowing the mind and body to react naturally.  You keep the target in your mind and allow the body to respond to the task!  Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?  It can be and for those stuck with their game and at a level of frustration, it might be time to check out Shawn Clement and what he can do for your game.

I love his approach with his daughter and her boyfriend as he works with them to grow their game and speed.  The videos are really helpful and he has a ton of videos on youtube and a paid membership if you want to dive deeper!

Easiest Golf Swing: Final Thoughts

The Shawn Clement approach has helped my game in different ways.  I have learned to swing tension free, focus on the target and allow the mind and body to take over.  At times, I can be manipulative and try to hit different positions.  A real key is to focus on that target off in a distance and swing towards the target with the feeling of the club flying out towards that target.  

When you feel you are getting too caught up in hitting positions, it is time to check out Shawn Clement.  Even if you don’t dive all the way into his approach, there are elements you can use to help your game and free your mind from the over thinking that may be going on!

Play better golf and have more fun! The ultimate goals in golf!

Take Action – What You Can Do Today to Get Better

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4 – Practice Frequently

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