Do Golf Shoes Make A Difference? (5 Advantages)

To get started in the game of golf can often seem complicated.

There are many questions that beginner golfers have and that is understandable.

One of the most frequently asked questions from golfers, who are just beginning the game, is whether golf shoes make a difference.

Do Golf Shoes Make A Difference?

Yes, golf shoes provide comfort, help keep your feet dry and increase overall performance through stability and balance.  Regardless of ability level, golf shoes can be a benefit to the golfer!

Here are the top advantages and where golf shoes make a difference:

  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Stability
  • Balance
  • Style
Golf shoes come in a a variety of styles! Find one that fits you!

#1 Advantage: Performance

Whether a golfer can break par or barely break 100, golf shoes can help the overall performance during a round of golf.  The last thing a golfer needs is to slip in the middle of a downswing which will not only impact the shot, but could put you at risk of injury.

Spending the money for golf shoes could mean the difference between enjoying the game by giving yourself the best chance to hit a quality shot and hitting an ugly shot that has a bad result and leaves you in pain.

Golf is played in different conditions and when the ground is slightly wet from morning dew or the most recent rain, slippage becomes an issue.  Also, keep in mind that golf courses water frequently throughout the summer months which is another variable that comes into play.

The golfer who has confidence standing over a shot will outperform the golfer that is worried about his or her footing because of a lack of golf shoes!

#2 Advantage: Comfort

The average round of golf takes around four hours.  Whether you are walking or riding in a cart, you will walk a decent number of steps.  The golfer who walks will walk on average around 7 miles over the course of the round of golf.  The golfer in the cart will walk between 2-3 miles as they walk from cart to ball, to the tee box and to the green.

The bottom line is that the golfer needs to be comfortable.  The golf shoe is designed to not only help with performance, but to provide comfort.  The golf shoes of today are more athletic based than ever before and there are some very comfortable shoes on the market.

Gone are the days of the ugly, uncomfortable saddle shoe and now we have a more athletic looking, high performing shoe that provides awesome comfort.

The feet are the only connection to the ground in golf and the feet must be dry and comfortable to reach your full performance and to maximize your enjoyment levels.

#3 Advantage: Stability

Some golf shots are played from perfectly flat lies, but often this ends once you leave the tee box.  The undulations in a course vary from course to course, but the typical round of golf will experience uphill and downhill lies in addition to sidehill lies.  It is vital to have the stability needed to perform and provide safety.

For the more advanced golfers, there is plenty of talk in the golf circles about using the ground reaction forces.  This requires the golfer to have a solid footing in the ground and to be able to move athletically to maximize distance, especially with the driver.

Once again, confidence over any shot is vital and having a quality pair of golf shoes will matter and make a difference!

#4 Advantage: Balance

Similar to stability, balance is vital as well.  Golf shoes are designed to help the golf feel balanced over the shot.  The golfer is able to settle into the ground and feel balance and stable over the shot.

The broader base of a golf shoe helps provide the needed stability.  The journey of a round of golf takes you many miles and in many situations.  The golfer will hit shots from the tee, the fairway, the rough, the stand, possibly the trees and then putt on the green.  Be ready for any and all situations and ensure you have the best pair of shoes possible for your round of golf!

#5 Advantage: Style

If you are going to play more than one round of golf in your life, go ahead and buy the pair of golf shoes.  Golf shoes will last you a long time, especially if you aren’t playing that frequently.  One of the keys to a quality pair of golf shoes that you will look the part.

While this may not matter to some, when you head to the course to play golf in a corporate or fundraising event, you want to at least look the part and be comfortable.  The style that comes with a golf shoe will help you fit in and not stick out as the person completely out of touch.

Regardless of your ability to play golf, go ahead, get the golf shoes and have the five advantages covered above.  Your feet will be grateful, you will perform at a higher level and you will stay safe.

Golf shoes look much better than these nowadays! Check out my number one recommended pair below!

#1 Recommended Pair of Golf Shoes!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Golf Shoes

Should I buy spiked or spikeless?

I would recommend a pair of spike golf goes.  If you want your golf shoes to be more multiusage, the spike less golf shoes might be good for you.  However, for simple golf purposes and to reap the advantages listed above, go ahead and get the spiked golf shoe!

Do beginners need golf shoes?

While the beginner may not necessarily need a golf shoe, the recommendation is to own a pair to improve performance through tracition, stability and balance.  The comfort benefits are also really advantageous

How often should I buy new golf shoes?

Most golf shoes will last between 50-100 rounds depending on whether you walk and the conditions you most often golf in.  Work to keep your shoes clean between round to maintain a quality look and to ensure performance remains high!

Should I wear golf shoes to the driving range?

Yes, especially if you are hitting from grass areas.  The point of the driving range is to pracitce and you should replicate the setting as close to the golf course as possible and this includes wearing a pair of golf shoes.

What golf shoes do the pros wear?

The pros wear a variety of brands, but will typically wear the top of the line shoe in the brand that they select. Performance is number one, but they often seek certain styles to maintain their brand and to promote the shoes that they may be getting paid to wear.

Final Thoughts: Do Golf Shoes Make A Difference

Many beginner golfers are stressed about all of the decisions they have to make before they even head to the course.  Just keep in mind that golf is supposed to be fun and we have a variety of resources to help you enjoy your round of golf and remove the stress.  Check out the resources below that I have created over the years.

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4 – Practice Frequently

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