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If you are tired of the same old approach in golf instruction of trying to get into a different position in your golf swing, then you have come to the right place.  The reality is that our bodies are gravity geniuses and trying to hit a certain position in the golf swing is a waste of time and just leads to additional frustration. 

What we all want is the ability to play stress free, consistent golf. We are all tired of hitting the same poor shots or struggling with the stress of trying to get our body to move in certain ways.  From tee to green we want to hit consistently solid shots, chip the ball close and make some putts.

Fortunately in my golf game, I found this style of approach about over a year ago and it has made a difference.  We are all on a golf journey. Here at golfjourney365, we believe that we all have the potential to get better and it is a matter of finding the right system for us.

Once we find that system, we must work hard and the results will be there.  Golf is too much fun to get stuck over analyzing our swing and getting stuck in the minutiae of the game.

I had spent the better parts of the previous 12-15 months constantly looking at video and using different apps to measure where my swing was. Once I found this approach and teamed it up with some SuperSpeed Golf Training system, my game has improved and my level of enjoyment. 

Most recently, at the start of this season I have played my first 54 holes in 3 over and have hit 47 of 54 greens. Once the putter heats up a bit and the greens smooth out, I expect to break par at least once a week.

Alex Fortey Golf through The Art of Simple Golf is out to change the way the game of golf instructor.  He has teamed with Shawn Clement on several occasions to produce some high quality videos that just might finally unlock the secret in your golf swing and set you on your way to better scores and to be able to break through the next barrier. 

Below I will provide a complete overview of The Art of Simple Golf and let you know how he can help your game and if he is worth investing in.

Start playing better golf today with The Art of Simple Golf!

We will share the following:

  • Overview of the approach to golf instruction by Alex Fortey
  • Who Can He Best Help?
  • My Experience
  • A Seniors Experience
  • A Call for Action
  • Related Questions
  • Final Thoughts

The Art of Simple Golf – Overview

The overall goal at The Art of Simple Golf is to make the game simple for you.  Alex wants you to move away from the positional based instruction. He wants to show you the simple ways to make the game easier for you.  That ultimately you will be a better golfer shooting lower scores.

There were over 3.7 million golfers who started playing the game in the past year, but 4.1 million left the game, this is a net result of 400,000 fewer golfers.  I love the game of golf and I hope that by leading you to Alex Fortey and his system, we just together might be able to keep some people around.

On the website you can select from three categories depending on your ability level.  They include:

  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Within each of these three categories he has excellent vides broken down into the following categories:

  • Ball Striking/Irons
  • Distance and Driving
  • Swing Fundamentals
  • Putting
  • Course Tips
  • Short Game
  • Health and Fitness
  • Equipment and Training Aids

The ultimate goals are for you to play more consistent golf, hit longer drives, shoot lower scores, feel better, play better, and enjoy golf once more.  I agree that there are too many systems that promise the perfect swing and focus way too much on positions. Instead, you should focus on the natural movements that can take place, focus on your target and give yourself a task to complete.

He Uses the Following S.I.M.P.L.E process in his teaching:

  • S = Strategy
  • I = Intermediate Point and Intention
  • M = Match Your Set
  • P = Practice and Predict
  • L  = Let Go
  • E = Evaluate

After following this approach and the belief that we can give ourselves a task, make sure we have a clear target and I love the Let Go reminder.  I often remind my playing partners, that we cannot manipulate our bodies and actually hit good golf shots.

That I can’t remember one shot in my life where I manipulated a swing in the downswing and actually hit the shot I wanted.  Instead, when you Let Go, the results can be amazing.

Our minds must be relaxed and free.  We must focus on our target and the task at hand.  After each shot, we need to know if we stayed with the shot.  Did it match our picture? Did we lose sight of our task?

This approach is oh so very refreshing and it works.

If you ready to commit to the Art of Simple Golf, visit here.

Make golf fun again with this approach!

Who Can He Best Help?

Any golfer that has tried the many different systems or even someone new to the game.  I often think back to 30 years ago when I started to play and wonder if someone that taught me the SIMPLE approach to the game and capitalized on my natural athletic ability if I would have improved faster and shot better scores sooner. 

Instead, I watched the instruction on television and read the major golf publications and all it did was make the game more confusing.

This simple can be great for any golfer, but especially the person who has so much in their head and needs to find their freedom in the game.  Stop playing that frustrating golf and commit to the process and learn about the Art of Simple Golf!

My Experience

I purchased a golf simulator over 32 months ago, I have been fortunate to play over 500 rounds on the golf simulator during this time.  When I first purchased the simulator I invested in some online instruction to help me improve.

Now I did see some improvement, I believe just from the amount I was able to play.  However, the true turning point was when I started to implement this system. One where I let my body and mind follow a task and the picture I have set. The game became liberating again, the stress was gone and I live with the results. 

I know that if I hit a bad shot, it’s more than likely because I tried to manipulate something or I lost track of my target. The ultimate key for me is to stay with the shot, have a target way off in the distance and let my body naturally do the work. 

My game has changed forever. I will alway be able to tap into this mindset and allow myself to enjoy the game and the process of every swing.

The system is great for senior golfers!

A Seniors Experience

This senior golfer is a rather analytical person who loves to watch the Golf Channel.  His career has been in the engineering and financial world and all he wants is to play good golf. 

Like most of us, he got caught in the rabbit hole trying to hit certain positions in his golf swing.  To this day, I have to remind him to allow the club to work and to follow the system. You see, we often want to refer back to trying to control everything and manipulating our body or the club to get the results we want. 

Instead, we need to focus on the target, allow the club to work and be free once again. He continues to gain distance, accuracy and enjoyment for the game the more he follows the Art of Simple Golf approach. I was able to introduce him to this system and when we golf, we can speak common language and help each other through the process.

He now hits just about ever fairway, has gained some distance and is able to play more consistent.  I believe the majority of us would take that improvement in our own games.

This system can help seniors, visit here.

A Call for Action

Are you ready to get better today.  The great part is that by committing you can start to see improvements rather quickly.  The golf instructor that tells you will get worse before you get better, run as far away as possible.  The goal is to get better everyday and work towards enjoying the golf journey that we are all on.  

If you meet any of items on this list, then this system an work great for you:

  • Tired of positional golf
  • You try to control your body
  • Your try to over control the club
  • You have no true target when you golf
  • You lack solid ball striking
  • You are losing distance as you get older – sometimes even significant distance
  • You change swing approaches at least twice a month

Unfortunately, many of the items above describe my game in my journey to get better.  Now, with this new type of approach, I have found freedom and enjoyment of a task based, target focused, natural style golf swing that has a system, but is not positional based.

There are so many great coaches out there, so many of the new coaches made popular through social media and the access we now have to them can help your game.  The Alex Fortey system provides a true system that can help liberate you from the challenges of the game. If you have improved in the last 5 years, maybe it is time to try something new.

If you ready to commit to the Art of Simple Golf, visit here.

Related Questions

You mentioned Speed Training, can you tell more?

I believe in order to swing faster, we must train faster.  SuperSpeed Golf is an excellent approach that helps us reprogram our brain and to train in a manner that can give us an additional 5-8%.  At around the same time I found this system, I started speed Training with the SuperSpeed System.

It has added 5-6% in my golf swing and I am now swinging at the driver at 108 miles per hour.  My golf course speed is probably 100-104. At one point, I was below 100 when I first started the SuperSpeed Golf system. Here is my complete review on SuperSpeed Golf.

If you are interested in purchasing SuperSpeed Golf, make sure you use discount code Golfjourney365 for 10% discount through this link.

What other golf instructors would you recommend?

Here is a list of golf instructors that we have reviewed:

How can I improve my course management?

We have provided guides on how to break 100, 90, 80 and 70. Check out more below, if interested.

You mentioned a golf simulator, can you tell me more?

I researched a golf simulator for over 12 months.  After all of the research I went with a SkyTrak system as part of a package from Rain or Shine Golf.  I am thrilled with my SkyTrak and the software The Golf Club (TGC) software that I have it paired with.  It has provided me an opportunity to play golf at any time of day regardless of the rain, snow or cold weather.  I have been able to reduce my scores on average by 5 strokes and it is provided great stress relief on a daily basis.  It is cheaper than I would have thought. It is worth checking the current packages at Rain or Shine Golf, here.

Here are some excellent posts on my golf simulator build:

Final Thoughts?

Life is short, play golf and find a way to get better today.  There are so many great options for golfers to improve. From new equipment to new golf ball balls to swing training aids, but it starts with having a system for your swing.  Alex Fortey knows his stuff and I am convinced he can help you play better golf. The approach is new and refreshing and he has some great mentors in his golf approach.

I know it can frustrating if you have improved over the last 5, 10 or even 15 years, but there are great solutions out there.  Ready for some Simple Golf, visit here and take action!

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