Jim Venetos Review – How He Can Help Your Game

Have you always wanted to hit that consistent beautiful draw that starts out to the right and finishes at your target?

Are you tired of hitting a slice?

Do you struggle with a two way miss?

Are you seeking more consistency?

If any of these apply, then Jim Venetos just might be the perfect solution for you!

The Jim Venetos golf swing differs in many ways from the traditional golf swing, but it produces results.  The results are simply amazing and the consistency of the strike and the curve of the ball is rather mind boggling because it is so good!  A golfer must be willing to follow this unique approach, one based on a preset position and stillness.  

Gone are the days of trying to get into different positions and shifting your weight from right to left in the downswing.  Jim Venetos has found a way to build your consistency and allows you to stop seeking the “right feel” for that day or the “right position” for that round.  

You simply pre-set, stay still and strike a ball and then watch the most beautiful ball flight – the shot that starts a touch right and draws several yards towards the fairway or pin. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

  • 1 – Swing Approach/Philosophy
  • 2 – Does the Swing Philosophy of Jim Venetos Set Up for Quality Online Instruction
  • 3 – Simplicity of Instruction – Is it Repeatable?
  • 4 – On Screen Personality
  • 5 – Quality and Quantity of the Content
  • 6 – Online Instruction and Support – Further Content and membership
  • 7 – Overall Can Jim Venetos Help My Game?
  • 8 – Personal Experience and Story 

1 – Jim Venetos Swing Approach and Philosophy

Jim Venetos might have the easiest swing to understand of all the golf instructors online.  His approach, while very unique and different than most, is simple and easy to understand. There is no need to focus on positions or what this arm is doing or what your shoulders are doing.  

Simply there are two keys: number one, make sure your weight is 70 percent forward and you have a closed position.  Number two, stay still and simply move your arms back and through. The weight forward helps guarantee clean contact and the preset closure helps produce a draw pattern in your golf shots.  

The golfer aims the club face at the target, but sets the body closed to the target line.  If you can get past the funny look at address and not worry about what your buddies will say, you just might experience the most clean, crisp contact of your life, followed by a beautiful tight draw. 

You will eliminate one side of the golf course as your golf ball will consistently curve in the same pattern on every swing. There no major swing thoughts, other than to keep your body still.

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Here is an excellent video on the mechanics of the Jim Venetos golf swing:

Where do you get your power from?

This is a common question asked by many that try this swing.  Let me start by saying that I believe what feels powerful is often not what actually produces speed within the swing. 

Have you ever had that shot, where you tell yourself you are going to swing easy, then before you know if you have it 15 yards over the green?  Yes, this is where the magic is in the swing. Jim Venetos explains that you are able to maximize the centripetal force in the golf swing.  

At first, I thought this was crazy, but soon enough, the shots were flying far and the contact was sweet.  I was able to eliminate the left side of the course by ensuring that my miss was a bit of a push draw.

My irons were never more accurate and the results spoke for themselves.  My only problem is when I start to move and lose focus on the stillness. I find that my hips fly, from the desire to feel powerful, and I occasionally will hit the snap hook.

Elimination of weight shift by Jim Venetos:

2 – Does the Swing Philosophy of Jim Venetos Set Up for Quality Online Instruction

The key to quality online instruction is clarity and simplicity.  The Jim Venetos golf swing produces both of these. Jim’s swing is easy to understand and simple to reproduce.  You don’t have to worry about timing, tempo or rhythm since one of the main areas of focus is stillness.

This allows the golfer to quickly understand. The key that Jim maintains is to start with short irons and process in up.  The most challenging club with this swing is the Driver. However, this would probably be close to the truth for just about every swing out there. I find when you get the longest golf club in your hands, it becomes more difficult to remain disciplined enough to focus on stillness.  I do know this, my short irons have really dialed in!

Effortless Power by Jim Venetos:

3 – Simplicity of Instruction – Is it Repeatable?

It might be the most repeatable swing out there.  It truly is simple and easy to reproduce. Most of the work is based on the preset positions.  Once again, you close your shoulders, take your grip, aim the club face at your target and remain still.  

A golfer does not need to worry about anything that is happening in the swing, but simple trust that your arms will follow the preset position.  Everything is based on a strong left side and utilizing the left side to make a solid strike at the ball. A golfer simply keeps the weight forward, 70% on front foot and then remains still throughout the swing.

4 – On Screen Personality

I personally love Jim Venetos chill approach to the game of golf.  He tells his story about how he would play great golf for 16 or 17 holes with a traditional swing, but always had that 1 or 2 holes that caused a higher school.  He set out to seek a swing that is more simple and repeatable. He worked with some of the best teachers out there and still struggled.  

He desired that repeatable ball flight that he could count on in all situations.  On screen, he is out west in the desert, wearing his converse shoes. He has a calm voice that helps you believe in his approach and the simplicity of the golf swing.  He spends time challenging the many beliefs and teachings that are out there by the traditional golf teacher.

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5 – Quality and Quantity of the Content

The quantity and the quality are both high end.  There are plenty of explanations and the simplicity of the swing is expressed by Jim Venetos.  He will often hit a ball to show the swing and talks in great detail about the setup and what the mindset should be with this swing. 

Overall, I am rather impressed by the amount of free content that Jim Venetos has produced and is available. He does promote his paid service quite frequently and wants to help people one on one.

6 – Online Instruction and Support – Further Content and membership

Jim Venetos offers a monthly membership service that includes a wealth of information and additional videos that are setup in a sequential order.  The highlight of the membership offer is to be able to send unlimited videos of your swing to Jim and he will answer and respond, showing you ways to improve.  

The videos are comprehensive from beginning to end, plus you get the support from the guru himself.  He has a vested interest in seeing people on his membership site succeed. This differs from many membership sites that take your $10 to $15 per month and you only have the videos to utilize for your improvement. While his price is greater than maybe the average, his ongoing support of providing feedback is impressive and a key to reaching your full potential.

7 – Overall Can Jim Venetos Help My Game?

If you are willing to have a different looking setup, his approach can truly help your game.  Many people in their 50’s who have tried every other swing in their journey to find some consistency or have had back injuries in the past, this swing can be enticing and beneficial.  I played some of my best golf with this swing and am a firm believer in stillness and not trying to overpower a swing with body movement.  

Overall, I was able to learn a lot about where speed in a golf swing comes from.  It does not come from weight shifts or moving your body all over the place.

8 – Personal Experience and Story 

I have used the preset closed position and stillness over the past several years.  I have never hit better iron and wedge shots in my life. I like to combine the target focus of Shawn Clement, with the set position and stillness of Jim Venetos.  I believe these two combinations and bring some wonderful results.    

I have struggled a bit with the driver, but the drive has always been the weakest area in my game.  The consistency of the strike combined with a repeatable draw has produced many scores in the low 70’s and the occasional score in the 60’s.  Golf is a journey and I am glad I came across the Jim Venetos golf swing.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Jim Venetos Golf Swing

What does Jim Ventos Teach about Ball Positioning?

He believes that the ball positioning changes depending on the shot that you want to hit.  The further back in the stance the great amount of draw spin and the lower the shot will fly.  The further up the ball is in the stance will produce a higher shot that has less spin.

What does Jim Ventos Teach about the Grip?

He encourages you to set up in the closed position and then grip the club.  This results in a “stronger” grip that encourages the draw.

Does Jim Venetos Provide Instruction on Putting?

Yes, on his membership site he dedicates a good amount of time to the short game, including putting.  He encourages an open stance and using your right side to stroke putts. He refers to the setup and putting stroke of Jack Nicklaus frequently.

Jim Venetos with the push drill:

How Does the Jim Ventos Swing work with the Driver?

Jim spends some quality time on his membership site explaining the driver and has a video or two out there on the internet that shows him hitting the drive.  It is many of the same principles that he applies to all clubs. He does encourage a more downward strike of the ball with the driver as compared to the traditional instruction that you will find with the drive.  But you do set up closed, with the weight forward and remain still. The secret to the Jim Venetos swing is that the basics are the basics. Stillness is the key to your future success.

Here is a video of Jim Venetos explaining why you shouldn’t hit up with the driver:

Final Thoughts on This Alternative Golf Swing

While Jim Venetos has been questioned on golf forums about the legitimacy of his swing, I believe there are plenty that have experienced success with the Jim Venetos Swing.  Jim has gone against the grain and has created a swing that has something special about it.

He is someone that has a great interest in seeing golfers experience success and find that consistency that we all desire.  Not having to stress about your timing, tempo and rhythm and what way the ball is going to fly every time you play golf is rather wonderful and reduces the stress of the round. The key once again is stillness and setting up in the right position.  Let the centripetal force take over and find out how simple this game truly can seem. https://www.powerchalk.com/member/102708

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