How To Groove A Consistent Golf Swing (The Recipe!)

These are the keys to a consistent golf swing:

  1. Improve The Motion in Your Golf Swing
  2. Train to Swing Faster
  3. Understand Course Strategy
  4. Practice Frequently
  5. Became A Short Game Master

Golfers all around the world are seeking answers to playing more consistent golf.  As a result, we are often asked how to groove a consistent golf swing.

The reality is that we just all want to hit our better shots more often.  If we could take the 5, 10, or 15 really good shots per round and improve that to 10, 15 and 20 quality shots per round, we feel that we could shoot better scores and have better time every time we golf.

The struggle is that many golfers feel like they have been playing at the same level for a long time.  That they have never really gotten any better and maybe even worse.  This may have occurred after taking lessons or buying new equipment.  The struggle remains real to hit quality golf shots.

Below, I will introduce you to some different strategies to groove a consistent golf swing and ultimately score better during your round of golf.  One of my favorite quotes, “they don’t ask how, they just ask how many.”  This is a great quote to remember and to focus on scoring better and being a better golfer vs the golfer with the pretty swing that shoots 100 on a consistent basis.  

Practice becomes an essential part of consistency!

The reality is that it is about more than consistency that we seek as we all are about getting better by hitting better shots more frequently, leading to more birdies, pars and maybe even some skin money from your buddies.

Here is our recipe to play more consistent golf and to groove that consistent golf swing that we all desire.

  • Improve The Motion in Your Golf Swing
  • Train to Swing Faster
  • Understand Course Strategy
  • Practice Frequently
  • Became A Short Game Master

In each category we will breakdown keys with suggestions and tips to help you get better in each of these five categories.  Tee reality is that if you picked just two of the five areas to improve upon in the next several months, you will play more consistent golf and shoot better scores – And we can all be content with our game – Or will we truly ever be content?

We are all on a golf journey, let us help you.

Recipe for Consistency Tip # 1 – Improve The Motion in Your Golf Swing

There are many great instructors that are out there.  I have reviewed many of the top online golf instructors (see below at end of this section) and you can check them out there, but I am going to recommend one over the rest.

The golf instructor that makes the most sense if you are seeking to groove a consistent golf swing is none other than Shawn Clement.  He believes that we are all gravity geniuses and have the capability to play a target based golf approach where we are making everyday motions in the golf swing that result in quality shots.  

He doesn’t believe in helping golfers reach all of these positions that many of us have been ingrained to believe is the holy grail.  Instead, he believes in giving your minds and body a task, setting up in the setup for the shot that we want to hit, and then throwing the club towards that starting point of where we want the ball to begin. 

Build your confidence by following an online coach that you can follow and trust!

He often talks about in his videos the importance of staying with the task/target and allow our “gravity genius” mind and bodies take over.  The approach is so very refreshing and worth checking out.

The secret behind his method isn’t necessary about “grooving” a swing as much as it is about being athletic and letting our bodies respond to the task that we have provided.  He promotes an intermediate target about 2-3 feet in front of the ball and a target well off in the distance, sometimes well beyond your actual target. 

I have played rounds where I have used trees, houses, water towers, clubhouses, etc.  The key is to pick something way off in the distance and swing towards that target.  This method or system of golf is refreshing and allows a golfer to move away from trying to always hit different positions in the swing or to move your shoulder this way or do something with your hips.  Instead you focus on the target and complete that task.

Here is one of the my favorite instructional videos by Shawn Clement:
Here is a list of golf instructors that we have reviewed:

One of the keys is buying into a system that allows you to follow and learn more about the game.  The key is to give one of the instructors above a shot long enough to see if it works for your game. 

Make sure not to jump from instructor to instructor every week hoping to find the “secret” to golf.  Instead, commit and give it time.  These are all great instructors and can help your game!

Recipe for Consistency Tip # 2 – Train to Swing Faster

I know that this may seem opposite of hearing terms like “swing back low and slow” or “hit more fairways.”  While you need your driver to be in play, the key truly is the distance you can create in your golf swing.  If you aren’t hitting your driver more than 200 yards, you are going to struggle on most courses.  Could you imagine if you can gain 20-40 yards with the driver?  

This would leave you with 8 irons through pitching wedge into greens instead of long irons and hybrids.  Distance has become more important in today’s game and the great news is that there are ways to increase swing speed and gain more distance with all of your clubs. 

Many studies have been completed on increasing swing speed and there are different products on the market. If you are interested in the SuperSpeed Golf System, make sure you use discount code Golfjourney365 for a 10% discount.  Check them out here.

Looking to gain more Speed and Distance in your swing. Two Options:

Speed training with the SuperSpeed golf system has shown to improve not only the swing speed, but also the biomechanics of the golf swing.  This can go along with the first tip of improving your motion and your approach to the game of golf. 

So as we work on getting a good motion, one that can be repeated using the Shawn Clement approach, we can also gain some speed.  The smaller club we have hitting into all of the holes on the course increase our chances of hitting more greens in regulation.  Even the best amateur golfers struggle once they get to a 6 iron or bigger club.

Here is the SuperSpeed Golf Training Protocol for Level 1:

Recipe for Consistency Tip # 3 – Understand Course Strategy

I know what you are thinking, how is this helping me groove a consistent swing?  The strategy and approach that helps is that you can hit shots that you are good at hitting with the proper course strategy.  

This helps you maintain your mindset and a fluid golf swing. I believe many higher handicap players get in trouble on the course when they try to pull off certain shots that they really aren’t capable of making.  This leads to bad results and then frustrated golf swings.  It is a spiraling effect that leads to frustrating, inconsistent golf.  Check out the level that you are at and look at the suggestions on how to break that next level.  

If you start to follow a quality instructor and do some speed training, combine with putting yourself in positions where you can experience success the consistency and lower scores will follow.  The key is to create success on the course and let the confidence build. 

Hit shots that you can manage and have the confidence build throughout the round vs. what typically takes place on a course.

We have provided guides on how to break 100, 90, 80 and 70. Check out more below, if interested.

Recipe for Consistency Tip # 4 – Practice Frequently

There is no way around it all.  We must practice our motion, train for our power, implement our course strategy and keep going through this routine.  I would recommend different swing drills that your online golf instructor recommends and make sure you are doing something at least 5 days a week with golf. 

This could be something as simple as speed training for 10 minutes a day or chipping in your basement or backyard for 20 minutes.  Find a way to have the golf club in your hand and do something to get better.  Malcolm Gladwell recommends 10,000 hours to master something.  What if we shot for just 2-4 hours a week of practice or training?  I bet we would start to see some results. 

My secret has been to install a golf simulator in my garage.  I have been able to play golf much more frequently as I do not have to worry about rain, snow or cold weather.  Also, the time of day doesn’t matter and it only takes 45 minutes or less to play 18 holes. 

Home simulator setups are more affordable that you would probably imagine.

The number of “game reps” I get on my golf simulator has been very helpful in my game improvement and overall consistency.  You might be pleasantly surprised at the entry point for a golf simulator in your home or garage.

Here are some of my other posts on golf simulators and the frequently asked questions:

Recipe for Consistency Tip # 5 – Become a Short Game Master

The quickest way to consistency and improvement in the game of golf is the short game.  Consider this formula: what if you just wanted to be around each green in regulation.  I am not talking about being on the green, but instead around the green. 

If you were able to do this for 18 holes and save par or “get up and down” just 33% of the time of the time you could shoot an 84 for your round of golf.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  That’s because this is the quickest and best strategy to reduce your score if you are a beginner or are struggling to get break 90. 

Let’s simplify the approach, take the lesser club and start to hit some shots and build confidence.

Chipping is something that I believe all golfers can excel at.  It doesn’t take great strength, power or speed.  But instead takes some practice.  The practice green at most golf courses is free to use.  Spend your time chipping and then practicing putts inside of 10 feet and outside of 30 feet. 

The goal is to make a high percentage of 10 footers or less and never 3 putt from anywhere.  We must get good at our 3rd shot in golf.  Which is either a chip or a putt hopefully!

Here are two excellent posts on selection of chip shot and clubs:

The number one game I would recommend to play while practicing is to pick 10 different spots around the green and track how many times you can “save par” from those spots.  Keep track of this data over several weeks and see if you are improving. 

I will run through this 3-5 times in my practice session.  I like the pressure of trying to hit a quality chip and then having to make the 3-10 footer.  It creates game like reps and puts some pressure on your game.  You can test your physical and mental side of the game doing something as simple as building skill in your short game.

Here are some short game basics by Shawn Clement:

How To Groove A Consistent Swing

I believe the recipe above can help you become more consistent and find a way to shoot lower scores.  You have to stick with it and make a commitment to find a way to get better every week.  The short game is a great place to start. 

I would recommend picking at least 2-3 of the 5 categories above and focus on those areas to start.  Keep in mind that golf is a journey and it is supposed to be fun.  We didn’t even really dive into the power of the mental side of golf, but that is for another day.  Let’s work on the physical part to start and start seeing some results!

Check out our Recommended Products page on Golf Swing/Training Aids, Golf Balls, Golf Shoes and more.

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