Tour Tempo Review: Can It Help My Game?

In our journey to get better at the game of golf, many of us explore all different kinds of options.  We sometimes buy that brand new flashy driver that will help us hit it further and more fairways. Or we buy that perfect looking putter that feels perfect.  Sometimes we turn to golf instruction for that secret tip or the system that will finally take us to the where we want to be.  

Tried of bad shots…tour tempo can help your game!

At the end of the day, every golfer would like to be more consistent.  By consistent, we mean hitting more quality shots more frequently. We all dream about standing on that first tee and striping one down the middle or as we walk down the 18th hole, sticking the approach shot from 155 yards and making the putt.  

Let me introduce you to the Tour Tempo system.  It is unique in that it doesn’t talk about getting into certain swing positions or making certain movements in your swing and instead solely focuses on swinging in a 3 to 1 ratio.  This means 3 parts in the back swing to 1 part in the downswing. In the short game, Tour Tempo promotes a 2 to 1 ratio.

This means 2 parts in the backswing to 1 part in the downswing.

Below we will give our complete review of the Tour Tempo System.  Topics we will explore:

  • Different Tempo Options
  • Tour Tempo App
  • Three Stories of Golfers we tried the App with
  • Overall Benefits
  • Related Questions
  • Take Action

What Are the Different Tour Tempo Options?

In John Novosel’s research of tempo in the game, he found that some golfers were swinging at a 27 to 9 ratio and thought this was the magic number.  In fact Tiger Woods swung at this tempo in 1997 during his Masters victory. John went on to study many different swings and found many golfers at a 24 to 8 tempo. 

He then found additional golfers at the 21 to 7 ratio for tempo. What he found was that these were all in the 3 to 1 ratio format.  

That the best golfers in the world, while they may have different speeds of their tempo, were all in that 3 to 1 ratio.  Even an Ernie Els, who appears to be long and slow, was at a 24 to 8 ratio. Fast forward to today and you will find golfers as quick as a n 18 to 6 ratio in golfers like Rickie Fowler. 

The main takeaway here is that there are different speeds at which a golfer can swing, but the tempo is typically in that 3 to 1 ratio or somewhere between 2.8 to 1 and 3.2 to 1.  

Check out some of the best players around and their tempos:

PlayerTour Tempo
Tiger Woods (1997)27:9
Ernie Els24:8
Jack Nicklaus24:8
Bobby Jones27:9
Rickie Fowler18:6
Annika Sorenstam21:7
Michelle Wie21:7
Tiger Woods (2006)21:7

What About Low and Slow?

We have often heard the benefits of swinging low and slow.  I think if you tried to swing low and slow you might end up over 30 in your backswing.  In fact, one way to hit the ball further is to speed up your backswing.

You just might be surprised what takes place in your swing as far as distance and accuracy if you swing a bit faster.  This is due to having less time to try to manipulate everything in your swing. Get rid of all of those swing thoughts and give this app a chance. Trust me you won’t regret it. So let’s jump into what the app is like.

3 Golf Swing Tempo Myths

Tour Tempo App

After learning about John Novosel’s research and watching some youtube videos, I was intrigued and decided I needed to test this app out.  I was tired of all of the swing information running through my head and the different positions I had been trying to hit.

I had taken a lesson and had a golf pro break down my swing via video.  He was trying to get me into certain positions in the backswing and it just wasn’t working. So I turned to this app and made the purchase. I started off by purchasing the Frame Counter app to help me determine where my swing was at. 

This app is pretty neat and very easy to use. You simply record within the app and use the frame counter, which is simple. You identify the start, top and contact positions in your swing and it counts for you.

Long Game settings – 21:7 worked for me
Short Game Feature – 16:8 works for me!

I had determined that my swing was at 27 to 10 ratio.  I used the Total Game app to now use the tones to try out different tempos.  The 27 to 9 actually felt slow to me, so I progressed to the 24:8 tempo and it immediately started to help my swing.  I stopped thinking about positions and I was really hitting the ball solid.

After several weeks, I actually settled in at the 21:7 tempo and found this to me the most effective.  I stopped thinking about low and slow and started to simply focus on the 21:7 ratio and improved ball contact, accuracy and distance.

I know use this app when I feel my game starting to get away from me or if I am struggling.  I often find that my backswing gets too slow and I start to think too much and try to manipulate the swing.

Three Stories of Golfers We Used This System With

The first one was my Dad, he is a 60 plus year old golfer, who has lost some distance.  He immediately saw a 5-10 yard jump from increasing the speed of his backswing. He was getting too slow and his hands were becoming less active in his swing.  He was able to experience some quality results.  

The second golfer is a friend of mine, who has a thousand swing thoughts every time he golfs.  This app helped him return to some simplicity in his game and still strike the ball more solid than before.  He utilizes this app when he feels he is moving back to all of these swing thoughts.  

My story is that I continue to use the app on a regular basis and even more so when I am struggling.  Out on the course, I can hear the sounds from my training and I make sure to keep my backswing moving at a good pace.  It helps me reduce my swing thoughts and I simply focus on the shot I want to hit and keeping a quality tempo.

When the driver starts to get a little offline, I actually speed up my backswing and it gets me back on track.  This is different from the conventional wisdom, but it’s the true power of the tour tempo approach.

Overall Benefits of the Tour Tempo System

There are three major benefits that I have found:

  1. It helps me get rid of too many swing thoughts.  I instead focus on the tempo and all of a sudden I start hitting the ball solid and further.  The elimination of swing thoughts is truly a great place to be in your golf game.
  2. It helps me hit the ball further and straighter with the driver.  Too often we try to manipulate things in our golf swing. Using the tour tempo and getting on the right pace helps with hitting the ball straighter and most amateurs will pick up some distance.
  3. Easy to Use – With today’s smartphones if you have your phone and some headphones, you can use this in many different places, from training on the course to the driving range.  It is always in your pocket and a quick reference when you are struggling. You don’t have to pay $100 for a lesson, but instead can tap right into this swing aid.

The system also provides tones for the short game, which can be helpful.  I more recently started using the short game tempos to keep my short game more simple.  It is working!

Tour Tempo – Can It Help My Game?

Yes, we are big fans of the Tour Tempo system and would give it a 10 out 10 rating. It truly is simple and can get you on track or back on track no matter where your game is currently at. Many golfers were former athletes that have it in them to play good golf. Using a system like this brings out the athletic motion that many of us have. Try it out today!

Related Questions

Which tempo is best?

You have to experiment with the different tempos to find your comfort level.  I would recommend starting at the 24:8 ratio and going from there. It might feel a bit fast at first, but you will be able to settle in and hit that ratio.  The 21:7 can feel really fast, but it is effective.

At the end of the day Tiger Woods has played at 27:9 and 21:7. Rickie Fowler plays at 21:7 and Freddie Couples at 24:8.  There isn’t one that is better than the other, as long as you find that 3:1 ratio or somewhere really close to 3:1.

Something I enjoy doing when watching golf at home is opening the frame counter app and seeing where the pros on tv are currently at with their tempo.  I find that the best shots have a 3:1 ratio and when a golfer snap hooks a shot or hits a poor shot, it is often due to tempo being off.

Why does it add distance?

In order to hit the ball further, you must swing faster.  Speeding up the backswing gets the club moving and your transition will often become better.  While the pros look smooth on television they are moving the club quickly. Swings often take less than one second.  We must get rid of the swing thought to swing long and slow. This only takes distance away from you!

What tempo should I use with putting?

You would use a 2:1 ratio.  The app has these short game ratios, which can be highly beneficial for your game!

Take Action

Are you ready to take your game to the next level?  The Tour Tempo App and the Frame Counter App are two must have apps for your game.  Get rid of those bad swing thoughts and start to be more athletic.

Here at golfjourney365, the more we study the swing and the different teachings out there, the more we realize the importance of being athletic and using athletic motions and thoughts.  Stop trying to control everything in your swing and instead pick a target, see the shot and have good tempo.

I have found a combination of the following to truly work:

  • The teachings of Shawn Clement – He places a lot of focus on natural movements in the golf swing and allowing gravity to work.  He promotes picking a task and completing that task.
  • SuperSpeed Golf – In order to swing fast, we must train fast.  Our body and mind need to be able to feel swinging at 120 miles plus, which we can do with the swing training system by SuperSpeed Golf.  This simple to use process only takes 8-10 minutes per training session which takes place 3 days a week.
  • Tour Tempo App – Gets me focused on staying simple.

Here is a list of golf instructors that we have reviewed:

Are you ready to finally get better?  Are you tired of not improving. Well find your best online instructor for you.  See reviews above. Start training with the SuperSpeed System (use discount code Golfjourney365 to save 10% at SuperSpeed Golf) and check out the Tour Tempo offerings.

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