Monte Scheinblum Review – 10 Things We Love About Monte!

Are you looking for a simple, easy to follow golf instructor that just makes sense?  Then look no further than Monte Scheinblum. Yes that is a difficult last name, but Monte is one of a kind and can help your game.

Monte Scheinblum is a true gem and has helped me better understand the causes and effects of a golf swing.  I have invested in several of his online videos because he just makes sense. He is a great communicator and can explain in depth why things happen in the golf swing.  

He takes the traditional teacher approach head on and is an instructor that truly understands the game.  He has participated in some of the popular golf forums online that often debate the golf swing and offers advice for those seeking it.  

I respect his teaching ability and his game.  Yes, he has been willing to challenge his game, most recently in the 2019 Senior US Open.  Plus, he appeared on the Be Better Golf Youtube Channel in a head to head match against another golfer.  I am not sure that many instructors would be willing to put their game on display for all to see, but he is not scared to challenge his game.

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Below we provide the top 10 Things We Love About Monte

He is truly an instructor that makes the 21st century great for golfers trying to learn.  Back in the 90s we had to rely on the major golf magazines to give us the same old golf instruction that probably caused more issues than they ever solve. 

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The quality of instruction was poor, but now we have youtube and other resources to give us access to the best instructors in the world, many times for free, and if you want to take it to another level one can pay to have their swing evaluated by these instructors or pay for their specialized content.

1 – Monte Is A Great Communicator

His ability to communicate about the golf swing, show the movements and imitate what to do and what not to do is right up with the best in the industry.  I love his sessions with Be Better Golf as he tackles many of the common swing myths and some of the bad golf instruction of the past.

He started off providing golf youtube videos in his cargo shorts before eventually turning to higher production style videos.  As stated before, early on he was willing to log in on a golf forum and communicate with those seeking advice.

His onscreen examples are impressive.  There aren’t many who can make the perfectly bad swing to model the swing fault and then turn around and make the correct swing.  His willingness to hit shots on screen moves him up in my overall rankings of best online golf instructors.

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2 – Monte Still Plays At A High Level

He still challenges himself and plays with the best in his age group.  He knows the struggles of tournament golf and is willing to reflect on those experiences and share them with his followers.  He can still hit the ball over 300 yards and understands the mental struggles of playing at a high level. He is open to sharing his swing faults and what he is working on. 

As stated before, Monte played in the 2019 Senior US Open. I also highly enjoy watching him play his 18 hole challenge match on the Be Better Golf Channel. I think many golf teaching professionals would be hesitant to put their game out there for all to see and critique.

3 – Monte Has Some Great Drills

Three drills come to mind with Monte.  The first being the No Turn, Cast Drill.  In his drill Monte encourages the golfer to try to just swing the arms back and then cast the club as quickly as possible from the top of the swing.  Seems like a terrible idea, right?

Well you might be surprised how your body naturally turns and then you actually create more lag by trying to throw the clubface and your hands.  Too many golfers are holding on to the club trying to create lag, instead Monte describes how lag is a result of other correct movements in your swing. That it is in fact an effect and not a cause.  

The second drill that comes to mind is the L to L drill.  Monte promotes this drill as something that helps keep your swing on plane and helps you pick up speed in the right places.  He explains that too many golfers waste their speed too early in the downswing. On the Be Better Golf channel, he spends time talking about how important this drill is in his own game and that it helps train his swing and uses it to make sure everything is in the right place and that he is shallowing the club properly.

4 – Monte Challenges the Common Wisdom

There are many myths of the golf swing that have been perpetuated over the years.  Instead on his many youtube videos, he challenges the misconceptions and often provides data and research to show that some of these thoughts are wrong.  My favorite and the one that sticks out is the myth that your hips must move fast to generate club head speed.

When in fact, the LPGA tour players have higher hip speed than the PGA tour players, but average somewhere between 13-18 miles per hour less swing speed with the driver.  He goes on to explain that swing speed is often produced most from your hands and arms. He shows some swings from his knees which even further bust this myth that many of us may have chased at one point in our golf journey.

5 – Monte Knows Driving Distance

Monte won the 1992 World Long Drive Contest in Boca Raton, Florida.   He isn’t the biggest of golfers, but generates a lot speed even to this day for someone in his 50s.  On his channel or anytime he is on a video, he is willing to hit shots for his viewers to see his motion and see where his game is at.  He is someone that has produced many videos to help the everyday golfer and help us all enjoy the game even more.

6 – Monte Understands the Short Game

This one can be combined with challenging the conventional wisdom in the golf instruction world.  Maybe my favorite video he has ever produced is the right hand under on the chipping motion. We were all taught for so many years that when chipping to keep the hands ahead of the club face and hit down and through the ball. 

Often times, we didn’t utilize the bounce of the club and ended up digging into the ground. From his own experiences with the old method, Monte came upon this move and his willing to share with all of us. The key here is that the bounce of the wedge is maximized by not driving the leading edge into the ground.  It is a similar motion to throwing a ball underhand up onto the green.

7 – Monte has Reasonably Priced Swing Reviews

Monte is willing to provide a swing analysis for you for under a hundred dollars.  His knowledge of the game and his approach to find the swing fault and prescribe a drill or drills that you can utilize, can help your game in a major way.  My favorite drill that I have implemented from Monte is the No Turn, Cast Drill.

I am someone that over lifts my arms in the backswing, turns too much and then fights to stay back in the swing.  Monte’s drill has been a great drill to utilize to help shorten my swing and keep in under control.

8 – Monte has Reasonably Priced Instructional Videos

He has a wide range of golf videos from short game videos to driver videos to the entire swing video.  His three most popular include: Use the Bounce 2.0 (short game video), The Efficient Swing, and Drive 4 Dough.  I have purchased both the Efficient Swing and the Drive 4 Dough. Both are very thorough.

What I appreciate most about the Efficient Swing is that it is a step by step overview of the swing, but he includes drills for every steps.  Instead of getting stuck on what not to do, he provides a focus on what we should do. He then follows it up with a lower handicap player and a higher handicap player and helps them maximize the drill or swing through to help them improve their game. 

I have utilized some of his short game ideas win my own game, but have yet to purchase the video. However, I definitely understand the major concept of using the bounce around the greens and it has helped my game. If you are someone that enjoys drills that his videos might be a good fit for you.

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9 – Monte has A Great Deal of Free Videos

In his early youtube days, he would often setup the camera, changed into his cargo shorts and just spill out all of his wisdom about the golf swing.  The videos are so naturally awesome because it is not forced and the guy just knows the golf swing. He is a great communicator, understands the golf swing and even greater understands the many swing faults that many of us struggle from.  On top of all of that, he has solutions and drills to help us better understand.

10 – Monte Understands that the Game is Reactionary

Monte talks about having control of your backswing and transition, but from there the timing of the swing is so short that we can’t control the downswing.  We can set ourselves up for success in the back swing and transitions, but at that point our control is over. He encourages us to react to what we are trying to do and hit the shot.  He helps us maximize our power by getting to a certain position in the downswing and then letting it go.

Other Questions Related to Monte Scheinblum

Can Monte Scheinblum Help Me Improve My Game?

Monte can definitely help just about everyone’s game in some manner.  HIs wide range of free videos, plus the ones made available for purchase online cover many of the areas of the game.  Many amateur golfers can simply improve just by practicing the short game.

Monte’s videos on using the bounce are top notch and help a golfer truly understand the chipping motion that will reduce the bladed shots and the chunked shots.  Monte is someone that has challenged the conventional teaching and instead explains the swing in causes and effects. His take on Lag in the golf swing and his methods to teach lag are different from the conventional teachings. He is someone worth checking out and diving into his approach.

Can Monte Scheinblum Help Me with My Early Extension?

Monte has some very good videos on early extension and a drill called the “zipper away” drill that will help you rid your swing of this movement that causes inconsistencies, loss of power and two ways misses.  

Is Monte Scheinblum’s Efficienct Swing Video Helpful?

If you are looking for a complete overview of the swing, with drills at each portion, then yes.  HIs video breaks it down on what to do instead of focusing on what not to do. HIs promotes a swing that is controllable and where movements are trained through drills.  The biggest benefit I experienced in the setup of his videos is that he uses two golfers, with different golf handicaps, to show the drills and to show where their swing faults were.  It is great to see actual golfers working through the drills and Monte teaching them along the way.

Is Monte Scheinblum’s Drive 4 Dough Helpful?

While somewhat similar to the Efficient Swing video, he does dive deeper into the concepts of where speed is created in the golf swing and how to fix certain issues.  For example, if you get stuck, he provides several different options or feels that you could use.

In this video, he also provides a good amount of drills and once again is a great communicator and takes you step by step.  There is a greater focus on the driver in this video than the efficient swing. However, both videos are of high quality and worth the money in our opinion.

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Monte is someone that can help many of our golf games.  His knowledge is phenomenal and ability to communicate it is even better.  GIve Monte a shot and I can just about guarantee that there will be something to help you get better.  His short game approach is unique, yet helpful for those that have bladed chips for years or keep stubbing the ball on those tight fairway chips shots.

He is someone willing to put his game on the line and join us all in the journey to reach our maximum potential.  It is great to get insight into the mind of a high level golfer and see what battles he is facing on the course both mentally and physically.  He doesn’t hold anything back and is willing to share his wisdom with us all through online learning.

Sometimes we need someone like Monte to come along and challenge the conventional swing thoughts and help the industry grow in the instruction.  There are many out there now, including Shawn Clement, Mike Malaska, and Jim Venetos (Read Reviews of these three great instructors as well). While all differing from each other, I believe they all have something to offer to the game of golf and for those in situations where they are trying to get better on their journey with the game of golf.

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