Golf Simulator and Home Theater (10 Things to Consider)

One of the greatest benefits to building a golf simulator space is that it can be a dual purpose room and serve as a home theater as well.

The golf simulator space, due to the a high level projector and projector screen, set up perfectly to serve as a home theater.  You have some great foundational pieces to make this a dual purpose space.

Let’s face it, sometimes that justification can give us the green light to build the golf simulator space.  While a lot less expensive than a couple of decades ago, there is still a certain level of investment or commitment that must be put into place.  

At the end of the day, the dual purpose space might be the final justification to get your significant other to support your golf simulator build and your addiction to the game of golf!

We all know that the golf simulator space will be incredible for golf and there are 10 things below to consider when building a dual purpose golf simulator and home theater space.

A dual space setup for a Golf Simulator and a Home Theater can be an amazing space for everyone in the family!

10 Things to Consider for A Golf Simulator and Home Theater Space

#1: The Projector

There are different options in the golf simulator space for projectors.  The main key being for the golf simulator space is that the projector is a short throw projector can can be placed withing 4-10 feet of the screen based on your screen size.  If you get a long throw projector, you shadow will show in the space.  

From a home theater perspective, it is important to ensure that your projector is high definition and of high quality.  If your home theater is going to look great, this is where you want to ensure you are spending some quality money!  Get the best projector you can afford, especially if it is a dual purpose space. 

Even if you decide against the home theater, a quality projector can bring your software to life!

Check out pricing on 4k projectors on amazon, here.

Resource: Best golf simulator projectors

#2: The Impact Screen

Impact screens not only come in different sizes, but also come in different quality.  Some are built to projector a high definition projection, while others are built to last a long time.  If it is a dual purpose space it is important to get a higher quality screen from a display angle. 

If you spend the money on the projector, but do not get a high quality screen, you will not maximize the potential of your projector.  Also, ensuring that your screen stays solid over time and can remain tight will help the display be better as well!

Check out some enclosures and bays by Rain or Shine Golf, here.

#3: The Sound System

While not important at all for the golf simulator side, you will want to ensure you have an additional way to have your sound play vs just having it come through your projector.  This will take some additional add on to your space to ensure you have a high quality sound system. 

While you may not need to spend thousands on a professional grade speaker, you will want some external speaker to ensure the quality of the sound is better than what comes out of a projector!

Check out home theater sound system options, here.

#4: Location of your Projector

In a golf simulator space, you have two options for the placement of your projector.  You can mount on your ceiling or place on the floor and cover with a projector cover.  If your space is going to serve a dual purpose, you will want to mount your projector on the ceiling as to not lose seating space.  

The only exception to this is if you want to have your movie night somewhere else around the house and utilize your quality projector you have spent money on.  For example, movie night by your pool.  The versatility of having a projector on the floor makes this an easier adventure vs taking your projector down from the projector mount.

Resource: Golf simulator projector placement (full details on the 2 options)

#5: Golf Simulator Launch Monitor

There are all different types and quality of golf simulator setups.  For the dual purpose space, you might consider a portable launch monitor such as the SkyTrak that can be removed from the space when you are using it as a home theater.  The last thing you want is your kids friends watching a movie and doing damage to maybe the most expensive part of your entire setup, the actual brains of the launch monitor.

Here are some quality options for your golf simulator decision.

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#6: Your Computer

The computer you select to run the software of your system can also serve as your DVD player or Netflix connection.  From the golf simulator angle, make sure you have looked into what graphics card is needed to handle your golf simulator software. 

I would highly recommend The Golf Club (TGC) software for your simulator needs.  It is the best software I have played on and it has a wide range of courses.  With the TGC software you will need a certain level graphics card.  This will help if your space is being used for gaming or a home theater.  The gaming computer you will be buying is of high quality and will have plenty of speed!

Some impressive gaming computers. Check current pricing, here.

Resource: The Golf Club Software Review (Plus top 10 courses to play!)

#7: Furniture

What furniture will you use in this space.  If you are fortunate enough to build a golf simulator in your basement or an additional room in your house, I would recommend making sure the furniture is a sleeker, slimmer version so as to not take up a bunch of space! 

This furniture can also be used in a dual manner when you have friends or family joining you for a round on your simulator!

#8: Flooring

Most golf simulator spaces will have green turf as a base.  Even if you have a higher quality mat in your space, make sure it is removable when others are putting furniture or laying in this space.  You want to ensure your have a longevity in your hitting mat as it is a vital part to the overall realistic feeling in your golf simulator space.

Top 3 recommended golf hitting mats, here.

#9: Lighting

Most people enjoy watching the movies in a darker space, however, you want to ensure when someone goes to get up there is plenty of light to ensure safety.  You might want to consider some additional lighting that can be strategically placed to provide guidance to those that are leaving the space, without taking away from the projected image.

The golf simulator space is amazing and can help improve your golf swing and scoring!

#10: Have Fun!

This is an incredible space and one that will bring many years of enjoyable from a golf space and a home theater space.  Make sure you spend the money needed to buy high quality products.  From the golf simulator space, I would highly recommend Rain or Shine Golf! 

The ability to finance through them and buy packages, makes it more affordable as your can spread the spending out over time. You will love your dual purpose space and your other family members will get a benefit out of the space as well!

Rain or Shine Financing Deals, here.

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