Best Golf Projectors

Top Recommended Products – Projector and Accessories

Optoma HD Short Throw Golf Simulator Projector (Click to Check Price on Rain or Shine Golf) – Excellent price for a High Definition and perfect for versatility for your simulator setup. You can use for a simulator, gaming, movies and sports.

Golf Simulator Projector Floor Mount Enclosure (Click to Check Price on Rain or Shine Golf) – A great product to protect your projector if you are using a floor setup. Keeping it on the floor provides versatility for multiple uses of the projector, such as, using it outside for nighttime movies on the back deck.

Golf Simulator Projector Mount (Click to Check Price on Rain or Shine Golf) – If you are mounting your projector to the ceiling, you will need a mount that provides versatility.

Features to Consider When Selecting Your Golf Projector

  • What is your distance from the screen. This is vital to your overall selection of your projector.
  • Do you want or need High Definition?
  • Will you hang your projector or setup on the floor?
  • What system will you use to hang your projector or how will you protect your projector on the floor?
  • Ceiling Height and if the projector will be out of the range of your swing. Many consider short throw projectors for this reason.

Why I Selected the Optoma Projector