Best Golf Mat for SkyTrak: Top 3 Recommended

When buying a golf simulator there are many decisions to make.  One of the most vital decisions that will impact the quality and the feel of your game is the hitting mat.  There are many decisions to make when buying a golf simulator:

  • What Launch Monitor
  • What Impact Screen
  • What Hitting Net
  • What Projector
  • What Computer or Laptop
  • What Golf Balls Should you use

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I hope to help you with the many questions that arise when exploring the possiblity of adding a golf simulator to your home.  These are all questions that I explored during my many months of research into the golf simulator world. Over 30 months later, I believe I made excellent decisions in all of the areas and am glad I selected a high quality golf mat for my SkyTrak.  

I am fortunate to have built a golf simulator in my garage and am able to play golf daily regardless of the rain, snow or cold weather.  Even the time of day can’t stop me from enjoying my golf simulator.  

You know one other awesome benefit of the golf simulator, one can play a round of 18 holes in less than 45 minutes.  Think about that for a second, you get home from a stressful day or work, eat some dinner and head to your golf simulator for some awesome stress release when enjoying the game that you love!

So let’s dive right into what is the best golf mat for the SkyTrak system.  Here are some of hte factors you should consider and look for when purchasing a hitting mat.

  • Durability
  • Feel
  • Can you use a real tee
  • Size

Golf Mat and Durability

You need to ensure the durability is of high quality.  The last thing you want is to invest several grand into your golf simulator setup and 9 months later replacing your hitting mat.  The durability is key and the best mats will last you a long time.

The weather really isn’t a factor here, so you should be able to get something of high durability and quality that will feel great and last a long time.  One of the great things about the SkyTrak is that it doesn’t have a set positions that you have to hit from on your mat.

I would recommend keeping your mat movable, so that you can use different spots on your mat and moving your SkyTrak around as well which will prolong the life of your mat and your impact screen.

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Golf Mat and Feel

If you are going to play as much simulator golf as I do, you want something that is easy on your hands and wrist.  I hit down on the ball pretty hard and the last thing I want is not to be able to play because my hands or wrist are sore from the constant impact. 

Finding a golf mat that has some flex and plays more like natural turf is a key to enjoying and maximizing your golf simulator experience and the ability to use as frequently as you want.

Golf Mat and Can you use a real tee?

This was important to me.  I do not like those fat driving range tees and a major advantage of the SkyTrak is to be able to move around to different areas of your mat, which will help the durability and how long your mat last. 

It also helps save your impact screen if you are willing to hit off center a bit. If you are hitting thousands of shots into the center of your impact screen in the same spot every time, eventually that impact screen will wear out, even with the best impact screens there are.  

Golf Mat and Size

I would recommend the 4×9 size or something similar.  Once again, you want your mat to last and also to not slide around on the ground.  The larger the size, the heavier and more stable the mat will be. Also, you want to consider if you will have a lefty and righty golfers playing on your simulator. 

I went with the larger mat as I have two sons who are both left handed in the game of golf. Also, the larger the mat, the more you can utilize different portions of it to help it last the longest time possible.  There are several great options when it comes to golf mats for the Skytrak.

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Best Golf Mat for SkyTrak – Top 5 Recommendations

#1 – Real Country Club Elite Golf Mat

The Real Country Club Elite Golf Mat is known as one of hte best on the golf market.  It provides great feel, durability, the ability to use a real tee, and multiple sizes are available.   The mat can be used both indoor and outdoors. Some of the featrures include the 

  • True Divot Action
  • No Bounce
  • Swing Down and Through
  • Takes a Real Tee

Rain or Shine Golf did a comparison and review of this mat, which can be viewed below.

Check current price on Real Feel Country Club Mat, here!

#2 – Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Golf Mat

Another great option on the high end.  It provides what it claims to be the highest and best feeling mat on the market.  There is a single strip that golfers hit from and provides four different tee holes.  It is set up to allow you to set your launch monitor next to the hitting area.

Check current price, here!

Check out the quick review by Rain or Shine Golf:

#3 – TrueStrike Double Golf Hitting Mat

Great if you have a righty and a lefty this mat is designed with the golf pro in mind, but also great for amateurs to utilize.  Some of the key features include:

  • Most realistic synthetic golf hitting experience you will find off the course.
  • Revolutionary thin layer of incredible durable, yet soft, artifical strike surface with a silicone gel insert engineered.
  • Not too firm, not too soft.
  • Perfect for serious golf training.

Check current price, here!

Check out the quick review by Rain or Shine Golf:

Final Recommendation

If you are looking to stay in a realistic budget, I would recommend the Real Country Club Elite Golf Mat, which meets all of our criteria.  I think you will be stafisified with the strike of the ball and I love hte feel on my mat. It has lasted a long time and the I am never sore from the hitting plenty of golf balls.

I would recommend looking at the complete packages by Rain or Shine Golf as they provide some awesome pricing and even better customer service.  The monthly payment options are great and allows you to put everything together into one purchase.

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