Best Golf Simulator For Garage (3 Quality Options)

Our number one recommended golf simulator for a garage is the Skytrak.  The overall versatility, affordability and ability to pair it with The Golf Club Software (TGC) makes it our top ranked option for a garage simulator.

Several years ago, I made the leap and built a golf simulator in my garage.

My golf game has never been better!  The ability to practice and play golf 365 days a year 24/7 is one of the greatest benefits of a golf simulator.

The opportunity to play all winter long in the midwest portion of the United States at courses like Pebble Beach, Augusta, Whistling Straits and other top ranked courses is simply amazing!

I spent close to a full year researching and want to help you pick the right golf simulator for your garage.

Best Golf Simulator For Garage – Top Options

We do have others on our list.  Here are the top 3 options:

  1. Skytrak Launch Monitor
  2. Mevo+
  3. Uneekor

Considerations for your garage:

  • Space
  • Flexibility of the space
  • Budget

Overall the amount of space you have in addition to whether the space is going to be use for other purposes and the budget you have to work with help you impact your decision on what option you want to go with.  Below, for each of the options listed above, we will dive into the three major factors.

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True game improvement can be yours with your very own golf simulator build!

Option 1: Skytrak Launch Monitor

This was the option I ultimately went with after many hours of research.  Overall, the ability to play lefty and righty at the same time in a limited space and the price point, made it difficult to beat.

The affordable entry price made the decision easier as the price point is where you begin to get some realistic experiences in the golf simulator world.  Anything less than the Skytrak price point and you are starting to compromise accuracy for money.  Overall, I have found the Skytrak to be highly realistic!

As far as space, you can play in as little as 10 feet of width.  You can also take it with you to the driving range or the golf course for real time feedback when you are practicing or playing outdoors.  With the Skytrak sitting next to the ball, you do not need a ton of space behind you to make this possible in a garage setup.  Most garages are around 22-25 feet long.  Once you take the 8-10 feet distance from the screen, a device that sits behind you might be difficult to use.

Check current price of Skytrak

Skytrak Packages – All in one Packages!

Option #2: Mevo+

This one is the most affordable option of the three.  It too can be paired with The Golf Club Software, which is the leader in the industry for home golf simulators.  The realistic nature of the TGC software is simply impressive.  I have played in commercial golf simulators where the graphics do not even come close to the TGC and the ability to make the game come to life in a golf simulator setup.

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The major drawback to the Mevo+ if you are limited for space is that the launch monitor sits behind the golfer and has to be at a specific distance for it to work.  If you are using a garage bay from front to back you might have some limitations.

This is where the Skytrak truly is impressive!

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Option #3: Uneekor

The most expensive of the options.  This highly rated system, provides everything you would want in a golf simulator experience.  You are just going to pay close to top dollar to make this happen.

This is more of a permanent setup that the first two and you can’t take the system with you to the driving range or golf course.  If you have good money to spend and want a first class experience without the need to take it with you to the driving range of golf course, I would highly recommend you check out this option!

Check current price of Uneekor complete package

The perfect time of day! Time to have fun and play the best courses in the world!

Where to Buy From

I would highly recommend Rain or Shine Golf.  The customer services is top notch and they have financing offers that are difficult to match.  Overall, they have plenty of options and will take care you of and guide you through the purchase process!

Rain or Shine Golf Website

Rain or Shine Golf Financing

Next Steps

  1. Measure you space – Always take a slow swing with a driver to see if you have enough space.
  2. Determine your budget – Consider that you will need a hitting mat, enclosure and screen, gaming computer, and a projector.
  3. Start shopping at Rain or Shine Golf!
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