Using Gravity in Golf Swing: Complete Overview

Can you really use gravity in the golf swing to play better golf? 

We have all had those shots that feel completely effortless where the ball just jumped off the club and possibly went further than expected.  Sometimes we try to recreate this feeling, but struggle to find it.

It is strange, but often these shots occur when we aren’t swinging hard and are allowing the club to work.  We may even find times where we are trying to swing easy and the ball goes further than when we are swinging hard.  How does all of this happen?

Could it possibly be the use of gravity or allowing the momentum to work?

Below we will dive into the benefits of using gravity in the golf swing.  David Lee produced Gravity Golf years ago, which helped us better understand how gravity can be used to improve the golf swing. 

Many other instructors have realized the benefits of gravity and allowing the golf swing to happen in a more natural manner and more athletic manner.  We provide a complete overview of using gravity in golf swing to shoot better scores.

Ultimately, we all want to play better and more consistent golf.  A game where we hit the ball further and maximize our talents.

Tired of playing frustrating golf, check out the solution below.

Below we will answer or discuss the following questions and topics:

  • Using Gravity in Golf Swing – 5 Benefits
  • Best Instructional Videos on using Gravity in Golf Swing – Top 5
  • Best Gravity Golf Swing
  • Take Action
  • Recipe for Success in Golf

Using Gravity in Golf Swing – 5 Benefits

  1. The Swing Becomes Effortless
  2. Our bodies are not designed to control positions
  3. We are Gravity Geniuses – Target Based Approach
  4. More Distance
  5. Increased Accuracy

1 – The Swing Becomes Effortless

Too often golfers can get stuck in the game by trying to swing too hard.  Instead golfers should allow gravity to help them swing faster, not harder.  Tense muscles do not lead to quicker swings, but rather it restricts the effort to allow the club to move fast through the hitting zone. . 

The difficult part with this is that our minds are telling us to swing hard to hit the ball further.  When the body properly loads up and then the counterfall occurs, the motion becomes effortless and bam, all of a sudden you have a powerful, fast swing that produces better results.  

Have you ever left the driving range or golf course sore from swinging hard all day?  Then this is an issue. We want to allow gravity to work and let the swing become more effortless.  We have a great video below on making this happen.

Fred Couples has an amazing swing. He utilized gravity!

2 – Our Bodies Are Not Designed to Control Positions

The truth is we are really bad at getting the club into certain positions.  All of the teachings on p2, p3, p4, etc. are difficult to get into without a ton of practice and guidance from a swing coach.  Many of us are on a golf journey, but do not have daily access to the “best” coaches in the world.  

However, as soon as we turn to a gravity approach and target based swing, we can see progress and allow our natural movements and athletic abilities to take over.  Golf is a difficult enough game, but if we are trying to control 6 different positions or swing thoughts in 1 1 to 1.3 second golf swing, we are going to continue to struggle with the game and be miserable on the golf course as a result of poor outcomes.  

Using gravity in the golf swing allows us to naturally swing the club and use the counterfall to generate speed and swing through the positions rather than to the positions.

3 – We Are Gravity Geniuses – Target Based Approach

Several years ago, I came across the Shawn Clement approach on youtube. AFter several minutes of viewing, I felt a relief that finally I had discovered a teacher that didn’t focus on positions and rather focused on using the mind and body to make natural movements and allow our gravity genius bodies and minds to take over.  

From Shawn Clements Website:

“Imagine a place where you feel relaxed, engaged, and absorbed, where the theme is abandonment of control instead of seeking more control, feeling rhythm come to you instead of manipulating rhythm, and painting with broad and fluid strokes instead of painting by numbers. We chose the word WISDOM because it embodies what we do and teach: that combining knowledge, experience, understanding, and common sense all lead to better performance. Led by Shawn Clement, with 30 years teaching experience and helping golfers up their game, WISDOM IN GOLF taps in directly to how your brain and body are wired and formed to open the door to a new way of approaching the game of golf. THIS IS TRULY HOW GOLF SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAUGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE!”

Wisdom in Golf Website

Allowing the momentum and gravity to direct the golf swing is liberating and we can stop trying to hit all of these “important” positions in the golf swing.  In our post, Weirdest Golf Swings Ever, we explored the many different positions that can occur on the backswing or even early in the downswing. 

We can head to the golf course stress free, knowing that we are going to make an athletic motion, directing the momentum and allowing the gravity to take over.

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4 – More Distance

The end result of a tension less swing that utilizes gravity is more distance.  It seems counterintuitive that we could get more distance from decreasing our tensions and allowing the gravity and momentum work, but it does happen. 

I would highly recommend working on this athletic, free swinging motion that has a focus on the target in the distance. This allows your body and mind to take over and make an athletic move. 

You know those swings where it feels like the ball jumps and the club swings smoothly, this is when you have decreased the tension and allowed the momentum and gravity to help you out. Don’t fight the momentum and gravity by trying to control the club. Remember that faster is different than harder.

5 – Increased Accuracy

Don’t we all just want to be a bit more accurate and consistent with our golf swing.  In my experience, when I swing tension free and allow the gravity to control the swing, I find that I am more accurate. 

It seems strange that by giving up control, we actually gain more control in our shots, but the Shawn Clement teaching and approach allows this to happen. 

I am now focusing on a target far off in the distance, making a smooth backswing, allowing the club to gather at the top and feel like I am directing the momentum or throwing the club towards that target. 

I am not worried about where my shoulders are or my hips or if I am sitting in the downswing. Instead I am making an athletic motion similar to other motions we make in everyday life.

Summary of 5 Tips

I know what you are thinking, this all sounds great and I hope it can work for me, but how do I move towards this style of swing.  Let me introduce you to two golf instructors: Shawn Clement and Mike Malaska. In my years of studying the golf swing and experimenting with the many different instructors, I have found these two to be most helpful. 

For years I tried many different swings and approaches to the game. I was worried about where my hips were, and what my grip looked like and if I swung the club straight enough back in the downswing and then I discovered these two instructors. 

I shifted my swing to focusing on a target or task based swing and directing the momentum down the fairway, both swings allow the power of gravity take over and your mind can be freed up of trying to control every golf shot.

Best Instructional Videos on Using Gravity in Golf Swing – Top 5

Below I have selected 5 of my all time favorite videos to help you play a target or task based swing where you utilize gravity and simply direct the momentum.  In other words, you can play more stress free golf and get rid of trying to get into certain positions.

I have watched each of these videos multiple times as they are great reference points when things start to get a little off.  I find that when the swing is getting a little off or my distance is off, it is because I am trying to control too many things in the swing instead of picking the target and throwing the club towards that target or directing the momentum. 

I spent way too many hours video recording my swing and trying to get my body in different positions.  

I love the titles of each of these videos. 
  • Abandon control for more control…this is so true and really does happen. 
  • More Distance with Less Effort…I see this as more speed versus trying to generate power. 
  • Stop Overthinking your golf swing…Yes! Yes! Yes! We can’t control everything and overthink our swings in the 1 to 1.3 seconds that the swing takes. 
  • Momentum, Control, Release…this is where it is all at!
  • And last but not least, Why Turn Your Hips is a Bad Concept in Golf…too many of us focus on how our hips are turning or what our shoulders are doing. 

Find a way to make your swing more naturally by viewing the videos below and give it a shot!

Video 1: Abandon Control for More Control – Shawn Clement

Video 2: More Distance with Less Effort – Shawn Clement

Video 3: Stop Overthinking Your Golf! – Shawn Clement

Video 4: Malaska Golf – Single Arm Pivot – Full Swing Basics – Momentum, Control, Release – Mike Malaska

Video 5: Malaska Golf // Why “Turn Your Hips” is a Bad Concept in your Golf Swing

Best Gravity Golf Swing

The swing I love the most and think uses gravity wonderfully is the swing of Fred Couples.  He looks like he is swinging slow and easy, but the reality is he is producing some great momentum and speed through the use of gravity and allowing the swing to happen.  I would watch this video below for days. He trule uses gravity in the golf swing to his advantage!

Take Action

Are you ready to finally get better at golf?  Are your tired of playing the same old golf, where you are frustrated and worry about your swing all of the time? 

Find a way to make your swing better and give this approach a shot. Be patient and let’s start focusing on the target or the task at hand versus trying to hit certain positions in the golf swing. 

For the amateurs that are playing only several times a week allowing our bodies and minds to work together to make an athletic motion that is focused on a target will allow us to play more consistent and better golf!

If you are looking for a completely different alternative swing, you must check out Jim Venetos. He utilizes a set position with the main swing thought being stillness. It is quite interesting and it works!

Recipe For Success in Golf

What You Can Do Today to Get Better

What does this mean for you?  I believe in the following recipe to get better:

1 – Improve your motion in the golf swing by identifying a golf instructor.  Here are some options:

Here is a list of golf instructors that we have reviewed:

2 – Train to swing faster and improve your swing speed.  Here are some options:

Looking to gain more Speed and Distance in your swing. Two Options:

3 – Understand course strategy and work to break through your next barrier.  Here is a series on breaking through:

We have provided guides on how to break 100, 90, 80 and 70. Check out more below, if interested.

Don’t Forget to Check out our 15 best golf swings of all time.

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