TGC vs TGC 2019 

The current golf simulator world is an amazing place for the everyday golfer.

Gone are the days of having to spend $40,000 for a golf simulator build. 

The amount of options at a somewhat reasonable price has led to many golfers building their own residential golf simulator space.  Some locations within a house that golfers have selected include the garage, a basement, an extra room or even a shed.

Being able to play golf 365 days a year is unbelievable for the person who loves golf and wants to get better!

My recommended setup at the most reasonable price includes purchasing a Skytrak and running it with The Golf Club (TGC) software.  The combination of graphics, course options, and feedback on your swing is impressive.

I have played commercial simulator golf and not many places can top the graphics and options that the TGC software provides.

After 900 rounds on my Skytrak with the TGC software, I have upgraded now to the TGC 2019 software and was blown away at the first look at the improvements that have been made.

Could you imagine playing golf whenever you wanted in the comfort of your own home on some of the best courses in the world?  Any serious golfer should highly consider this addition to their house!

Whatever options you choose with your simulator setup, I believe the TGC software is a must have!  The overall feature and experience are hard to match with other softwares in the market.

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TGC vs TGC 2019 

Both are great options that include the following features:

  • An unbelievable amount of course options including some of the best in the world
  • Design your own course feature
  • Visually stunning graphics
  • Real time online play

The creators of the TGC software, ProTee United, took the 2019 version to a new level and it is rather impressive!

Improved Features of TGC 2019

  • Even better looking graphics
  • Better calculation of club speed
  • Game controls (Tee box options, formats, etc.)
Nothing like starting or ending your day with some golf at the world’s top courses!

Improved Features: #1 Even Better Looking Graphics

With the 900 plus rounds I played on the original TGC software, I was rather impressed with the overall experience.  My favorite courses include Augusta, Pebble Beach, and Whistling Straits.  These are my go to courses that I most often pick.  However, I have played plenty of other courses as well.

The realistic feel is impressive and I have been to several of these courses and either played or walked the grounds and the designers of some of these top courses did a fantastic job bringing the software to life.

Now with TGC 2019 it is at a whole new level.  For example, the first time I saw the 7th hole at Pebble Beach on TGC 2019, I could not get over the realistic look that it provided.  The surrounding water on this fun and beautiful par 3 looked realistic and beautiful!

The Ultra HD 4K Graphics are simply amazing and worth the money!

I highly recommend Rain or Shine Golf for all your simulator needs:

Improved Features: #2 Better Calculation of Club Speed

I play with a Skytrak Launch Monitor which measures ball data.  The TGC 2019 software takes the ball speed and calculates an estimated clubhead speed.  When I have compared it with other measuring devices I have found the Skytrak to be very accurate when running on the TGC 2019.  

One adjustment that has been made with TGC 2019 is based on the club you select, the smash factor is adjusted, which impacts the clubhead speed estimation, which has made it rather accurate and precise!

The real time data when playing simulator golf is a feature to help golfers improve.  The more accurate the data, the clearer the path is to game improvement.  While we all want to have fun playing golf, we also all want to get better.  The feedback after every shot is rather impressive and includes the following:

  • Ball Speed
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Spin Rate
  • Spin Axis
  • Launch Angle
  • Clubface direction
  • Swing path direction

The more a golfer understands the ball flight laws, the better he or she can make adjustments based on the information that is provided after every shot!  Think about that for a second, key information about your swing after every swing!  What an amazing golf world we live in!

Best courses to play on golf simulator (Top 10)

Improved Features: #3 Game Controls (Tee box options, formats, etc.)

There are some limitations within the oringlal TGC software.  Some of these limitations included the ability to play a variety of tee boxes (difficult when you are playing with someone who hits the ball significantly shorter), game formats, and course conditions.

Well, they have made adjustments in each of these areas making the overall experience that much better.  Golfers playing at the same time, can now play from different tee boxes.  This is significant when I am playing with my 10 year old son or my 67 year old father.  They need a different tee box and now we can do that!  

Also, course conditions and the time of day and weather can all be changed rather simply.  The adjustments are easy to do right at the beginning before starting the round.  This provides different experiences and looks in the simulator experience!

Finally, different formats such as stroke play, match play, skins and the stableford are now all options as well.  The online game play remains and golfers can play together or against a ghost.

There are also plenty of societies that have formed leagues to bring golfers together across the world!

Final Thoughts: TGC vs TGC 2019

If you can’t tell by now, I am a big fan of both softwares.  The improvements made to the 2019 version really stand out and ultimately had me upgrading to the next level and spending the money!  It is worth it!

Overall, the golf simulator experience has been very positive for me!  I love the game of golf, have been able to improve my game and spend time with family and friends having fun every month of the year, but especially during the horrible winter weather we face in Ohio.

Your very own training center! Play golf 365 days a year with amazing graphics through TGC 2019!
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