Ideal Screen Size For Golf Simulator

When building a golf simulator, there are many questions that often arise.

There are many decisions to make to ensure you have the most perfect setup you can afford.  With all of the different components, we often recommend going with a package from a place like Rain or Shine Golf to ensure that everything fits together.

We all dream of playing golf 365 days a year and golf simulators make this possible.  Stop the winter decline every season and then battling for 1-2 months to get your swing back once spring rolls around.  Instead, play golf everyday in the comfort of your home!  But first, let’s make sure you select the right items for your simulator space!

One of the first areas that people must decide is the space that they have for their golf simulator build.  Once the space is determined the fun of piecing everything together begins.  The golfer should start by measuring the space and first figuring out the enclosure and screen size for a golf simulator.

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The ideal screen size is 16 feet in width by 9 feet in height

What Is The Ideal Screen Size For A Golf Simulator

A 16’ by 9’ screen is the ideal screen size for a golf simulator.  The 16 feet in length provides the ideal aspect ratio of 16:9 and provides enough space to swing a golf club without fear or hitting a wall.  This frees golfers up to play their best golf.

Benefits of a 16:9 screen size and aspect ratio

Most high definition projectors will be ideal in the 16:9 ratio.  This prevents distortion of the projected image and produces the most crisp image possible in this setting.  Having an impact screen that is somewhere between 16:9 and 16:10 sets up perfect for a golf simulator.  

This width, if space allows, provides the golfer with the opportunity to hit from the middle of the screen and have the most realistic experience of playing simulator golf.  Some golfers prefer to hit from the middle of the simulator space.  Others, due to a lack of space, will hit off centered and still enjoy their simulator experience.

If you are someone that has the space and the right size budget, I would highly recommend going with the 16:9 ratio to provide the best overall experience.  Some may not have the space and this is fine as we can work around a lack of width.

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What if I don’t have 16 feet of width?

When I built my golf simulator setup, I only had 14 feet in total width.  The one side had a wall and the other side was empty, but I had other barriers in my garage that prevented the total 16 feet in width.  The experience has still been amazing, as I have now played over 800 rounds of golf on my simulator and have enjoyed every minute.

A 12 or 14 foot wide space will still provide an impressive view, but the golfer may need to hit slightly off centered depending on the wall situation.  The projectors can be adjusted and the quality of the projection still remains high. 

The overall quality of projectors on today’s market are impressive and provides a rather impressive view.  I have talked to people who have used a space as narrow as 10 feet in width and hit on the far edge of the right side for those that are right handed.  They still enjoy their simulator space.  The bottom line recommendation is to use the max width you have up to 16 feet!

What impacts the projector screen view and overall experience more than anything is the software being utilized to run the golf simulator experience.  I would highly recommend combining the SkyTrak with the The Golf Club (TGC) software for an impressive, yet affordable setup that provides a realistic experience in the golf simulator space.

The graphics of the software will make or break the overall experience as well as the realistic nature of the reading by the launch monitor or golf simulator setup that reads and predicts the shot.  The TGC software has world class graphics that are head turning. 

I have played simulator golf on 5 different systems and I have found the TGC to be the best.  Not only are the graphics and the realistic nature of the experience high up on the list, but the software also has over 100,000 courses including many of the world’s top 100 courses.

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Here is a smaller width, but still a great deal of fun!

Recommendations for the Impact Screen

The size of the screen is the most important aspect of the ideal impact screen, but there are other items you should consider when selecting your impact screen.

  • Some screens come with an upgrade to material to maximize the high definition projection if you have an HD projector.
  • Can you flip the screen?  As screens start to wear out, there are some benefits to being able to rotate the screen.  I hit the off center on my golf simulator and a tiny hole start to build.  I was able to rotate my screen from bottom to top and start hitting a new area on y screen.
  • Is your screen one sided or two sided?  Once again, the two sided screen can help increase the total life of your impact screen.
  • Does your screen fit and attach to your enclosure

Recommendations on Where to Buy

I would recommend checking out Rain or Shine golf and shopping for their different impact screens, enclosures and overall packages that will help everything fit perfectly into your space.  After you have the measurements of your space (width, depth and height) you are on your way to building your dream simulator space.

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Recommendation on Golf Simulators

As far as the golf simulator or launch monitor I would highly recommend the SkyTrak.  At the price point of the SkyTrak it is difficult to find a better, more accurate launch monitor.  The golf simulator experience when paired with the TGC software and a quality impact screen brings the experience to life. 

Check current price on SkyTrak, here.

I have completed data analysis on real life golf vs simulator golf and have discovered a very close outcome in total strokes over 20 rounds of golf.  I have written many posts in the golf simulator space.  Here are some of the most helpful:

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Final Thoughts: Ideal Screen Size for Golf Simulator

We all have different budgets and space to work with.  If you have 16 feet of space, use it!  If you don’t, you can still have a quality experience, just keep your expectations in check.  Many are just seeking a place to play during those harsh winter months and enjoy the game they love.

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The game improvement possibilities are there as well as the overall amount of fun that takes place in the golf simulator space.  Having great times during a snowy winter Saturday in January with your favorite golfing buddies is great for the golf swing and the mind during these winter months. 

You can even create a league of local friends in your space to compete online with the different options that are out there.  Whatever space and budget you have, you can make it work by being to play golf 365 days a year!

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