How To Golf Swing: Our Best Advice

Looking for a How To on the Golf Swing? I am sure you have asked the question, what is the best way to swing a golf club.  Many people have started the game off asking this basic question and are trying to get to a certain level where they feel respectable or have started to break 100 or 90 and are seeking more. 

We wish there was the perfect swing that we could all subscribe to and easily follow, but then again would this game be as addicting if it was easy to master?

We are here to help, whether you are a beginner or have been playing for many years.  Below we will provide an overview of 6 different online golf instructors that could help your game and help with how to golf swing.  Each one has a great approach to the game to offer and help you get started or to advance your golf game to the next level.

The majority of them focus on the swing motion, but all have a slightly different approach. Most are more traditional, while one truly is an alternative swing for those that have tried everything, but all six have challenge the traditional wisdom of the golf swing!

In our journey over the past 28 year plus of playing the game, we have tried each of these online instructors and have had positive results and have taken some element of the game and their instruction to help us be better and find the consistency we are all seeking in our games.  The bottom line is to try to make the game more simple and less complex. Each of the golf instructors below is seeking a way to simplify the game for you.

Golf instruction has improved greatly over the years as products like the trackman and other similar devices have helped golf instructors better understand the game.  In addition, the high speed cameras has helped the golf industry as well.

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The best instructors have studied the great swings of the past and have found similarities in the golf swing.  Of course, each teacher has a slightly different method to help us reach that point, but that is a great thing about it all – finding the instructor that matches up with your learning style and your mindset to help you break that next plateau in your effort to get better.  We have followed each of the golf instructors below at great length, watched just about every youtube video and have even purchased some of their materials or have signed up as a member to take a deeper dive into their approach. We are here to break it all down for you and help you decide you might be best for you.

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The six we will breakdown for to help you better understand How to Swing a Golf Club include:

  • Shawn Clement
  • Mike Malaska
  • Bobby Lopez
  • Stack and Tilt
  • Jim Venetos
  • Monte Scheinblum

But first let’s start with the fundamentals of the golf swing.

So what are the fundamentals of the golf swing?

Here at we believe the grip, stance, alignment, rhythm and tempo are all vital to the golf swing, but believe great golfers can all have wide variations in all of the above, as proven by the video study of many of the great golfers,  However, when you break down the true fundamentals, the ones I first read about with the Stack and Tilt approach, I follow the belief that the 3 fundamentals to the golf swing include:

  • Being able to hit the ground in front of the ball consistently.
  • Being able to control the curve of the ball.
  • Being able to swing with enough speed to play the golf course

All great golfers can consistently hit the ground at the same spot every time, can control the curve of the ball depending on the hole they are playing and what shot is required and they are able to generate enough speed in their swing to play the shots the course demands. 

All of the great golfers have variations, some have had weak grips, while others have had a strong grip. Some have a quick tempo and others have a perfect tempo like Ernie Els. Some aim to the left like Lee Trevino and others aim to the right like Arnold Palmer. Some have little hip turn like Brooks Koepa and others have a big hip turn like Sam Snead. 

At the end of the day, all of the games greats are able to control the three fundamentals above. Different swings can accomplish this. Our recommendation is to follow one of the instructors below and find out which one lines up best for you and your personality.

How To Swing A Golf Club – Shawn Clement

Shawn Clement is one of the most amazing instructors on youtube.  His approach can be summarized as an instructor that is target focused that helps the golfers through many of the typical movements our bodies make in other sports such as baseball, stone skipping or hockey.  Or something as simple as swinging a grass whip.

He often talks about clipping the dandelion and setting your body up to react to the situation and the target. He believes that we are gravity geniuses, but first we must give your body and mind the task, setup to make that happen and then get out of the way.  If you are someone frustrated by all the different positions and need to clear your mind, he just might be great for you. If you are a beginner and struggling to get your natural swing going, he might be great for you as well.

Too many times the ball has become our target instead of a spot in the fairway or a spot on the green.  As a result, we throw too early and swing at the ball instead of through the ball. Shawn Clement has an amazing ability to communicate, is very positive in his approach and can help unclutter your mind if you have too much running through your mind over every shot.

He truly is a simple golf instructor that can help all ranges of ability levels.  Did you know? Shawn Clement is a scratch golfer from both the left side and the right side. If you are a left handed golfer, he provides many of his videos showing swings both right handed and left handed.

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How To Swing A Golf Club – Mike Malaska

I have a great level of respect for Mike Malaska.  Here is a man that has dedicated his later years in life to helping uncomplicate the game for us all.  A victim himself to the poor teachings of the 80s and 80s is here to make sure we don’t go through the same struggles he had to.  His youtube videos are convincing, easy to understand and very professional.

He has worked with the games best in Jack Nickluas and isn’t afraid to show his swing on video.  Overall, he believes and emphasizes in directing the motion of the club and the counter balancing forces in a golf swing. He can show you the four different swings and the pros and cons of each.  Overall, his ability to communicate and help all ranges of golfers is highly impressive.

He uses examples such as whipping the towel, and will break out the extremely oversized golf club to show you what the club is doing.  HIs believes in releasing the club, but not rolling the hands over. Ultimately, he wants to help create stability through the hitting area, without having to rotate your body all the way through. He uses the stone skipping as an example and spends a significant amount of time talking about baseball and the connections between baseball and golf. 

If you are a former baseball player, you will be able to relate to his teachings and can understand his language. He is someone that emphasizes the idea of giving the right arm and hand a task to follow. This will uncomplicate the movement of the body and the body will respond to the task you have given your right hand. He can especially help the better golfer that gets stuck (club behind you on the downswing) and help you direct the momentum and get control over your golf swing once again.  

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How To Swing A Golf Club – Bobby Lopez

Bobby Lopez your golfing buddy is maybe the funniest golf instructor online.  He has his go to jokes and loves to analyze a golf swing. He believes in using drills to help develop your swing and will even give you a free analysis and prescribe several drills to help improve your golf game. 

He will break it down for you with lines across your swing video and show you the different positions he believes help creates an efficient swing. The best videos I have seen with him on youtube come from BeBetterGolf and his work with Brendan.  His staying “onsides” videos can probably help 90% of amateur golfers as many of us have an ability to move past the ball and get “offsides” in our swings.

His wide array of golf drills and his willingness to provide a free analysis and unlimited analysis through his website is truly remarkable.  The ability to have one of the best work with you and your swing for a very reasonable price keeps him high on our list.

He believes in getting behind the ball and then throwing the club down the fairway. He promotes a turning out of the way with your hips, but keeping your upper body back, instead of a weight shift and has many great stories to help you better understand the golf swing.

How To Swing A Golf Club – Stack and Tilt

Mike Bennet and Andy Plummer may receive a lot of criticism for their instruction because people have resisted the 60/40 setup, but the amount of PGA Tour players that have worked with Mike and Andy is quite impressive. 

You can see elements of what they teach in many swings across all of the major tours. They teach to start with 60% weight on the front foot, maintain or increase that 60% on the back swing, implement the proper tilts and then hit the ball on the back of the arc to create a beautiful push draw.

My favorite quote from their book:

“If all of the golf instruction books, videos, and lesson for the last hundred years had taught people to keep their weight on the left side and to swing their hands inward, we would have generations of golfers drawing the ball instead of slicing”

The Stack and Tilt Swing

If you are someone that has struggled with poor contact of that big slice, then these guys might be the best for you.  Although they lack some youtube videos, there are others that have produced youtube videos that are in their network of instructors. 

Mike and Andy provide a fairly reasonable price for their members which has many hours of videos that you can soak up. They are also very scientific in their approach and believe in a system.  They teach you to read the flight of your ball and teach you the corrections to help you have that repeatable push draw that starts right and doesn’t cross over the target line.

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How To Swing A Golf Club – Jim Venetos

Make the most unique swing on youtube, this approach has challenged the traditional swing greatly and provides a simple swing that is easy to repeat, but totally different from the others.  While he has taken great criticism on some of the golf forums, his method can be simple to implement as long as you don’t worry about what your friends are going to say when you airm your shoulders 45 degrees to the right and have the most simple, still golf swing that produces a baby draw. 

He teaches that so much happens prior to the swing in your setup and then it is a matter of staying still with your body as your arms move and produces a circular swing that results in a controllable, powerful, sneaky long golf swing. One that starts to the right and draws back towards the target.  His wide range of youtube videos are plentiful and his swing is easy to understand.

It will challenge the beliefs you have about the golf swing, but if you are someone that has tried many different swing approaches and want something new to try then Jim Venetos might be right for you. I can tell you this, I believe you will have clean contract and hit that draw that maybe you have always dreamed about.

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How To Swing A Golf Club – Monte Scheinblum

The great thing about former long drive champion from the 90’s, Monte Scheinblum, is that he understands the many facets of the game.  From the driver to the short game, Monte challenges the conventional wisdom and has some wonderful drills that can change your game. He has several paid video lessons that you can purchase such as the Efficient Swing video that provides a comprehensive look at the swing, which drills to learn the swing at each step. 

He provides and works with two amateurs of different abilities as they work through the drills. His short game video Use the Bounce 2.0, just might be what you need for your short game. Gone is the method of keeping your hands forward and hitting down on the ball. Instead he wants you to use the bounce of the club and even let your right hand make a slight throwing method similar to throwing a ball underhand.

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What’s Next – How To – Golf Swing

Check out some of the youtube videos for each of the instructors above and see what matches most closely with where you are with your golf swing.  I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the instructors above, but there is one that might be better for your game than another.

I think if you are brand new to the game, I would recommend Shawn Clement. 

If you are at a high level, but want a more simple approach then Mike Malaska might be best for you.

If you are tired of hitting a slice and want to hit a consistent draw than Jim Venetos might be best for you. 

If you are at a high level and want a more efficient, repeatable swing, Monte Scheinblum has a lot to offer.

If you are system person and enjoy the finer workings of the swing, jump in and study the Stack and Tilt approach. 

If you want someone to work with closely and have him analyze your swing and provide drills at a very reasonable price than it is difficult to beat what Bobby Lopez can offer.

We are fortunate to live in a time when there is such great information at our fingertips and access to the finest in the world.  Back in the day, you had to wait for the monthly golf magazine to arrive or the golf channel to have someone of high quality on.

Now you have free access to many of the best there is to offer. Try to sort and find which one is best for you can be difficult, but we hope we have brought some clarity to the topic for you!  Go ahead, check out these six and see who matches up best with you andy our game.

We have provided guides on how to break 100, 90, 80 and 70. Check out more below, if interested.

Check out our Recommended Products page on Golf Swing/Training Aids, Golf Balls, Golf Shoes and more.

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