A Golf Journey – Week 2 – January 12, 2020

Golf truly is a journey.  Here at golfjourney365, we love the game of golf and hope that our learning can help you improve your scores in your journey. That’s why I take the time to share my adventures and journey with you.

I hope to share my journey over the course of the next year and the years to come.  Golf has meant a lot to me in my life and has helped shape me into the person that I am today.   My goal is to average 7 rounds each week and play a total of 365 rounds in 2020, which will include both simulator golf rounds and real rounds.  Golf is a wonderful game for so many reasons. The opportunity to challenge yourself mentally, physically, emotionally while all in the outdoors with friends makes it special. I will share the following each week:

  • Scores/Rounds
  • Stats
  • Swing thoughts 
  • Tips from online golf instruction
  • Training
  • Books I have read that pertain to golf
  • Other posts from my website 
  • Products I am currently using and Recommend

More about me

I am a 38 year old father of 3 with a full time job.  My goal is to become a scratch golfer and reach my full potential.  I love studying the golf swing and then experimenting in my golf simulator. I then test those swing changes in rounds of golf on the simulator.  I like to talk and learn about the golf swing and am currently studying to be a professional certified golf instructor. I played a lot of competitive golf during high school and my early 20s, I look to return to competitive golf at some point. 

Round 1

Magnolia National (Augusta) 6356 – Par 72 – Shot +2 Over 74

Summary – Hit my 3 wood really well. However, struggled with my irons. I felt like I really started flying my hips out front, which resulted in stalling of my body with irons missing to the left. Maybe I was too anxious to get to the ball. I did review the video after the round and it showed me not getting behind the ball and then sliding too much. I tried the Monte Scheinnblum No Turn, Cast Drill after the round and seemed to have some success keeping the shot online. I also tried keeping Bobby Lopez’s advice on staying “onsides” with my head and my left shoulder. I need to have more of a go down feeling versus going forward.

Overall – 5 Bogeys and 3 Bridies

  • Par 5’s = 2 under
  • Par 4’s = 2 Over
  • Par 3’s = 2 Over

Highlights – Reached two par 5’s in two shots and hit a perfect wedge on #7 to about 3 feet.

Round 2

Arcadia Bluffs 6740 – Par 72 – Shot Even Par 72

Summary – After watching video of a my previous round, I determined I needed to stay behind the ball or “onsides.” I pictured a Shawn Clement setup, where he puts his head behind the ball and then felt my left leg go back in the downswing and not forward. This helps me open and get out of the way. I hit some great tee shots and some solid irons. The overall score could have been better if my short game would have been better. I missed some easy chip shots that I usually hit closer. There always seems to be something in this game of golf!

Overall – 2 Birdies and 2 Bogeys

  • Par 5’s = 2 under
  • Par 4’s = 1 over
  • Par 3’s = 1 over

Highlights – I was able to play two more par 5’s in 2 under and am now at 4 under for the week at this point. My irons were much more crisp and I can thank Shawn Clement and Mike Malaska for that. Both of these swing feels I picked up from watching these guys on youtube.

Round 3

Blackbrook 6400 – Par 72 – Shot Even Par 72

Summary – I stay with the simple setup idea of keeping the head behind the ball. I easily could have been under par if not for a double bogey on a 140 yard par 3. I really got it going on the back nine. I keep going with my head behind the ball and left knee out feels. They really came together on the back nine.

Overall – 1 Double, 1 Bogey, 3 Biridies

  • Par 5’s = 2 under
  • Par 4’s = Even
  • Par 3’s = 2 over

Highlights – Once again I played the par 5’s under par. I ht some very impressive wedge shots from between 115 and 125 yards. They were nice little push draws that came down right by the hole.

Round 4

Blackbrook 6400 – Par 72 – Shot +4 76

Summary – I came across the tour tempo approach and tried to use it during this round. The tour tempo approach promotes swinging in a 3:1 ratio on the backswing and then the downswing. It is supposed to gain you more distance. I did hit the ball further, which actually got me in trouble a couple of times. I knew I might not play as well, but I wanted to give it shot again. I hit some very impressive shots from a crispness standpoint and distance. I decided to stick with it. I did hit some 3 woods over 100 miles per hour and even was hitting my hybrid in the low 90’s, which is about a 3-5 mph increase. The most impressive part of this swing thought is that it takes away swing thoughts. You simply try to swing at the ratio of the sounds playing in the background. It really gets you through the ball. The shots did play further and straighter. I think move forward over the next couple of weeks I am going to really train with the SuperSpeed Golf and practice and play rounds with the Tour Temp app.

Overall – 6 Bogeys, 2 Birdies

  • Par 5’s = Even
  • Par 4’s = 2 over
  • Par 3’s = 2 over

Highlights – The distance that I hit some of my drives. I trained with SuperSpeed prior to the round and then broke out the Tour Tempo app. The combination gave me about a 3-5 mph increase on many of my tee shots.

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Round 5

Magnolia National (Augusta) 6356 – Par 72 – Shot +2 Over 74

Summary – I stuck with the Tour Tempo approach. Once again I was pounding my tee shots and hit some impressive irons. I got lazy on the back nine and made 3 bogeys in 4 holes. Other than that I played great. I did make sure I continued to focus on staying behind the ball with my head and throwing the arms down the line. I would allow my left knee to almost feel a bit open at address.

Overall – 4 Bogeys, 2 Birdies

  • Par 5’s = 2 under
  • Par 4’s = 3 over
  • Par 3’s = 1 over

Highlights – Distance of my tee shots was the highlight once again.

Round 6

Flat Head Country Club 6380 – Par 72 – Shot 2 Over 74

Summary – Continue on with the same approach from the previous round. Play very consistent on the front nine and once again had a bad 3 hole stretch.

Overall – 3 Bogeys, 1 Birdies

  • Par 5’s = Even
  • Par 4’s = 1 over
  • Par 3’s = 1 over

Highlights – Distance of my tee shots was the highlight once again.

Round 7

Pebble Beach Golf Links 6230 – Shot 1 Under 71

Summary – My best round of the year, shot 1 under, which only happen because of an eagle on 18 at Pebble!

Overall – 3 Bogeys, 2 Birdies, 1 Eagle

  • Par 5’s = 3 under
  • Par 4’s = 1 over
  • Par 3’s = 1 over

Highlights – Holed out from the bunker on #18 for an eagle. Dominated the par 5’s and playing them in 3 under. This was from continuing on with the Tour Temp and SuperSpeed Training, which allowed me to hit the majority of my 3 woods off the tee at 100 miles per hour.

Highlights – Distance of my tee shots was the highlight once again.


7 Rounds – 9 Over Par

  • Par 5’s = 11 Under
  • Par 4’s = 10 Over
  • Par 3’s = 10 Over

I think it is pretty clear where my strengths and weaknesses are. I really need to get better on the par 3s.

Tips From Online Golf Instruction

Here are two videos that helped:


I hit new levels with my SuperSpeed Training. With the green stick I hit a new personal record of 126 miles per hour. My previous high was 124. This paired with the training I did with the Tour Tempo app brought about some nice gains in distance this week. We will see in the coming weeks if this sticks.

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Check out SuperSpeed Golf and Use Discount Code Golfjourney365 for a 10% discount.


I love the mindset of Vision 54. This book is a must read to help you play your best.

Other Posts This Week

Bobby Lopez Golf: Can He Help Your Game? – Bobby is amazing instructor. His simplistic approach might be right for you. I have been using his “onsides” swing thought this past week and it has really helped me. In round 1 I was getting ahead of the ball.

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Week 1 – January 05 2020 – Summary

Total Rounds to Date: 12

Total Over Par Thru 12 Rounds = +19

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