Winter Golf vs Summer Golf (Pros and Cons)

Many of us will play golf in any conditions.

Whether it is 35 degrees or 95 degrees, you can find us out there playing to challenge our games and get better.  We embrace the journey, the time outdoors and the time with our playing partners.

I know personally, I have golf in weather in the low 30s and have played in Florida in the hottest temperatures in the summer with high humidity in the air.

Summer golf is amazing on many days!

Winter Golf vs Summer Golf

What are the pros and cons of summer golf and winter golf?

Pros of Summer Golf

  1. Weather: The weather in many locations across the United States can be ideal during the summer months.  For many people, temperatures in the 70s and 80s creates a temperature where golfers are able to play in golf shorts and a short sleeved golf shirt.  There is no need for multiple layers and you can enjoy the outdoors.
  2. Course Conditions: Many golf courses reach a peak in the summer.  If properly watered, the grass is green, the courses are a bit firm for extra roll and the bunkers are well maintained.  You don’t have to worry about the leaves that drop during the fall causing you to lose a golf ball.  In some locations, the courses can be wet and soggy during the spring and fall months depending on the location.
  3. Most Realistic: When you are watching the professional tours on television, you rarely see them playing in poor conditions.  Outside of the British Open, the touring pros play in near perfect locations because they can start the season in Hawaii, move to California and then to Florida before moving north during the late spring or summer months.  For amateur golfers, the most realistic conditions to score your best will take place in the summer months.
  4. Daylight: There is extra time in both the morning and the evenings to get a round of golf in.  In some locations, the sun might rise before 6am and not set until after 9pm, creating many opportunities to play golf throughout the day that fits your schedule.
The heat can sometimes cause some of the grass to dry out, making conditions more difficult in the summer months.

Cons of Summer Golf

  1. Heat: In some locations like Arizona or Florida, playing the afternoon can be difficult as temperatures exceed 90 degrees and potentially make it really uncomfortable to play golf.  The great weather that these locations have during the winter, often is a tradeoff for the hot summers.  The great news is that with the proper setup, golfers can still enjoy the game by playing earlier or later in the day or making sure they have plenty of hydration and ways to stay cool.
  2. Crowded: In many locations, summer golf means booked Tee Times and difficulty getting access to certain courses.  Many courses book their weekend tee times well in advance and playing golf on the weekends can be a challenge.
  3. Expensive: Due to the supply and demand the most expensive golf is often in the summer months in the majority of the United States.  In some of the warmer destinations the prime season is in February, March and April, which will see the most expensive green fee rates.
The leaves have fallen and the course can look not so great, but we get a chance to play!

Pros of Winter Golf

  1. Access: Not many people are willing to play golf during the winter months and put their golf clubs away once the weather drops below a certain temperature.  For those of us that love playing the game, this provides open access to golf courses when the conditions are not that great.  The access and prices are ideal for those trying to get that round in during an unsuspected warm up or a lack of snow/cold weather.
  2. Game Improvement: For the golfer that can continue to work on his or her game during the winter, you bring about an opportunity for true game improvement.  Many people struggle to get better from year to year, mainly due to the long winter months and not playing golf for 2-5 months during this time.  It then takes them several months to get back on track and another season has past.

Cons of Winter Golf

  1. Weather: It can be difficult to play in cold weather.  You have to have a plan to keep your head, hands and feet warm, while providing enough movement to make a full swing.  The ball won’t fly as far and you probably won’t score as well.  Golfers have to adjust their level of expectations and simply have a grateful heart that they are actually playing during the winter.
  2. Course Conditions: If you have ever played golf in a northern location during the winter months, you understand that you will get very little roll on all tee shots, the greens won’t be smooth and scoring overall is difficult.  Many grasses have shut down and stopped growing and the leaves are long gone.  Having the right mindset during these round is once again a major key!
Winter golf trips to warm locations are truly a treat! I would highly recommend such a trip!

Final Thoughts

Love the game and appreciate every opportunity you get to play a round of golf.  I enjoy every round and embrace the opportunity to challenge my skill set, spend time with family or friends and be outdoors.  Having a positive mindset will show in your score and your overall joy you get from the game.  Don’t ever forget that we “get to play golf” and don’t “have to play golf”  Have a grateful heart and enjoy every round!

Related Questions

Is golf easier in the summer?

Yes, the course conditions are much better.  The tee shot will roll out further and the greens will roll smoother, oftentimes resulting in better scores.

What season is best for golf?

Depends on your location, but for many the summer months and early fall can bring about some beautiful temperatures and course conditions!

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