Milo Lines Review: Can He Help My Game?

Are you searching for consistency or improvement?  

We understand where you are coming from.  Here at golfjourney365, we believe we are all on a journey in golf and that it should be fun and rewarding.  Finding the right golf instructor is a key component to taking our game to the next level!

You are not alone! Most golfers are looking for the lesson or the tip that will take their game to the next level.

Or simply, to help them be more consistent, which means hitting their quality shots more often.

The great thing about golf instructing in today’s golfing world is the access to some incredible instructors.  Ones that have studied the swing, played at a high level and have an unique approach to the swing or a way to communicate it.

While every swing imaginable has been taught at one point, the ability to communicate and piece certain parts together is what separates the average instructor from the best instructors.

I have found Milo Lines to be rather impressive and he now has a membership site that can help golfers on their journey.

Below, I will provide a review of Milo Lines from the free videos that have been provided by him vai youtube.  He is someone that I believe is going to really become a big name in the golf instruction world because of his approach.

You will find Milo Lines often comparing the baseball and golf swings!

Milo Lines Review: Can He Help My Game?

Yes!  If you are someone that has an athletic background, especially in the sport of baseball you will find his approach refreshing and beneficial.  Many of the analogies are based on the baseball swing as a former baseball star himself!

Below, I will dive into the following topics:

  • 1 – Swing Approach/Philosophy
  • 2 – Does the Swing Philosophy of Milo Lines Set Up for Quality Online Instruction
  • 3 – Simplicity of Instruction – Is it Repeatable?
  • 4 – On Screen Personality
  • 5 – Quality and Quantity of the Content
  • 6 – Online Instruction and Support – Further Content and membership
  • 7 – Overall Can Milo Lines Help My Game?

Milo Lines: Swing Approach/Philosophy

The golf swing that Milo Lines teaches is very similar to a baseball swing.  For years, we heard that the baseball swing and the golf swing are different.  Milo goes on to show the similarities between the baseball and the golf swing.  

The two major components in his swing that he promotes are an open chest at impact where the golf club or baseball bat are parallel to the chest.  The major difference between the two swings is the position of the right hand.  

In the baseball swing the knuckles are facing up.  Oftentimes, baseball players lack control of the club face.  The baseball player has to learn how to use their hands properly.  This starts with a strong grip that allows the hand to stay more extended (or flexed back).

The athlete can then use his baseball swing to hit a golf ball, but just at a different angle with the hand more flexed to control the club face.

This approach can be refreshing.  It is a move away from trying to keep your chest back and time up your hands.  The rotational based approach allows the golfer to use a more natural athletic motion.

Think of skipping a rock. You don’t keep your chest back as your skip the rock across the water.  The golfer will simply make a complete turn and then let it go!  The chest and the club would be parallel to each other just past impact.

At the beginning of many of Milo Lines videos are baseball swings as overall he promotes an athletic motion similar to baseball.

Here is a quality video to give you an overview of the swing philosophy:

Milo Lines: Does the Swing Philosophy of Milo Lines Set Up for Quality Online Instruction

Yes, the athletic motion of the swing is easy to understand through online videos.  The main thought is to have the chest open at impact.  This is contradictory to other teachers who teach to keep your chest closed or even square at impact.

Milo goes on to explain from the other sports that he plays that at impact his chest is open.  This natural type of motion will help the golfer learn online.  The focus is more on impact and past impact versus everything that happens prior to this point.

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One of the most difficult parts of online golf instruction is when a teacher spends a great deal of time talking about positions.  What helps Milo be successful online is that he talks more about movements and positions post impact.

If you have ever seen Milo Lines hit a golf ball, you too will want his power and distance and see the benefit of his approach.

Milo Lines giving a lesson:

Milo Lines: Simplicity of Instruction – Is it Repeatable?

The most repeatable part of the swing is that it doesn’t rely on the hands to over rotate to square the face up at impact.  Instead the body turns with an open chest at impact that helps create club head stability through the hitting zone.

If you have ever played golf as a stall and thrower, you will appreciate the openness and club head stability that this swing can produce.  For those that have played where the body stalls and the hands throw, you know that you can have a great day one day and the next day you can be all over the course!

This rotational swing is becoming more and more common among some of the top teachers in the golf world including George Gankas.  This swing approach reminds me a great deal of Gankas from a rotational standpoint and where the golfer is at impact and beyond.

If your struggle with stalling in your swing:

Milo Lines: On Screen Personality

Milo is a serious on screen personality.  He loves the game and wants to share his success with you.  He is someone that took up the game after an injury in baseball and believes he has found a swing that can help others.  I appreciate his approach as a former baseball player myself and the movements involved in both swings.  For years I chased certain positions and keeping my chest closed or square at impact.  This leads to over active hands.  One day I would play great, the next day I would struggle because of the timing involved.

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Some of his best videos are on the Be Better Golf channel where he explains the swing and answers some quality questions presented.  He doesn’t appear to have a big ego, but remains humble and wants to be helpful!

Free up your game and swing like an athlete with Milo Lines!

Milo Lines: Quality and Quantity of the Content

I find the quality to be above average and appreciate that the videos do not get over complicated.  He spends a great deal of time showing the idea of the open chest and the position of the hands at impact.  

He often refers to baseball and the similarities between the swings.  If you aren’t a baseball player, you might not completely understand, but there are still visuals that can be seen as many people have seen the power hitters in baseball hit a homerun and can picture the impact position.

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More and more videos are being produced by Milo and there are plenty of videos to help you on your journey.  Overall, the quality is above average and Milo continues to improve his communication skills and expressing the golf swing.  He seems to be more comfortable on screen in some recent videos when compared with the first so many videos.

More on opening up the chest:

Milo Lines: Online Instruction and Support – Further Content and membership

Milo Lines now has a membership site that allows a golfer complete access to his approach and support on their journey.  Included in the membership site are the following features:

  • Online Coach Library
  • Private Online Forum
  • Member Only Events and Schools
  • How to Maximize Practice Time
  • Monthly Swing Evaluations
  • Live Lesson Library
  • Ask Milo
  • Member Webinars

I see a lot of similarities between his approach for his membership and the George Gankas approach.  Both are at a similar price point with Milo coming in a little less than the Gankas membership, but have many of the similar features including the monthly swing evaluations or feedback in general on your swing.

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The good news is that if you find yourself wanting more from the free online videos and want a road map to maximizing this swing approach, then you have the opportunity to buy into the membership.

Resource: Milo Lines Website

Milo Lines: Overall Can Milo Lines Help My Game?

Yes, if you are looking to “swing like an athlete” then Milo Lines might be the perfect instructor for you.  It is rather impressive the membership sites that are now being created.  

You no longer have to rely on the local pro to improve your game.  Through the power of online videos, online feedback and overall swing support you can learn from thousands of miles away.  The video camera on a phone is one of the greatest things to happen to golf.  It has expanded the possibilities.  If you are a junior golfer living in the middle of nowhere, you can now have access to the best instructors in the world.

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Milo Lines is a former baseball player turned incredible golfer who can help your game!  His power and ability to strike golf balls has been on displayed.

Check out Milo Lines and his driving ability:

Final Thoughts: Milo Lines

If you want to take your game to the next level, find the instructor that best matches up to your swing style, amount of time you have to dedicate to the game and who you see as the best communicator.  One other factor to consider is what membership sites are offered and who you can get support from in your budget range.  Here is a list of other instructors I have reviewed:

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