Best Golf Balls

Top 4 Recommended

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls (Click to Check Price on Amazon) – Great mid range priced golf ball with an excellent feel. I have played rounds in the 60’s and 70’s with this golf ball. Works great if the course isn’t super fast and you don’t need a great amount of spin.

Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls (Click to Check Price on Amazon) – Another amazing golf ball in the mid price range. Once again, amazing feel around the greens and feels so nice and soft.

Titleiest ProV1 (Click to Check Price on Amazon) – Arguably the most popular ball on the PGA tour. The spin rates are great and is excellent in the wind.

Callaway Chrome Soft (Click to Check Price on Amazon) – My number one preferred golf ball on the market. Provides a soft feel with enough spin to play any course.

Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Golf Balls (Click To Check Price on Amazon) – If it is good enough for Tiger Woods it is good enough for me!

Features to Consider

  • How far do you hit the ball? A distance ball may help you out some.
  • How often do you lose golf balls? Too often we see amateurs with 20 plus handicaps playing a $40 dollar a dozen golf ball. Stick with the Srixon soft feel or the Callway Supersoft and still get some quality performance from your golf ball.
  • How much spin do you need? Sometimes the high end balls can reduce your overall distance because of the amount of spin that takes places especially with the lower irons.
  • If you want a high end ball, there are some amazing options on the market.
  • Do you like a feel or a soft golf ball or a harder golf ball. The ProV and the Callaway Chrome Soft each provide a harder option and a softer option.

Why I Play These Golf Balls

  • I play the Srixon soft feel or the Callaway SuperSoft for the majority of my rounds. At around the $20 price point, it provides enough spin an and a great feel to hit the shots that I need to hit. I have played golf right around par and sometimes even lower with this mid level golf ball. Around the greens both of these golf balls provides a nice soft feel that I enjoy off of the 60 degree lob wedge that I play.
  • If the course is more firm and playing fast that day, I will play the ProV1 or the Chrome Soft, as it provides more spin and helps the ball stop on firm greens where max spin is needed.

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