Who Putts First In Golf? 

The golfer furthest from the hole is the golfer who is “away” and should be hitting the next shot in the group.  This remains true on the green.  For example, if golfer A is on the green and is 30 feet away, while golfer B is in the rough and is only 20 feet away, golfer A is still away and should play the next shot.

Each golf hole will start with the golfer who has the lowest hole on the previous score holding “honors” which is the privilege to tee off first.  Once all tee shots are struck, the order than becomes the golfer furthest from the hole is “away.”  This carries through the green and until the last ball goes in the hole.

The cycle then starts back over on the next hole and teeing ground.

Are There Exceptions?

Yes, if the group has decided to play ready golf, a golfer who is ready and can safely hit has the option to hit his or her shot. 

With pace of play being an issue at all levels of golf, ready golf is highly encouraged and a preferred approach by many golfers.  Unless the stakes area really high, the increase in pace of play as a result of ready golf is welcomed on many golf courses.

Golf can be a tricky game with all of the different rules and even unwritten rules that are often considered proper etiquette.  Here are list of proper etiquette related to the green.

Have fun and enjoy the game!

Proper Etiquette on the Greens – 10 Basics to Follow!

  • Do not walk through someone’s intended line of putting.  Make sure you walk around.
  • Mark your ball with a reasonable ball marker such as a small coin.
  • Do not stand in another golfer’s peripheral vision when they are putting.
  • Do not stand directly behind a golfer’s line or down their line.
  • Repair any ball marks you created and even one more if time allows.
  • Tend the pin if you are closest to the hole or have finished out already.
  • If you are not playing a highly competitive match or tournament, consider giving putts in the 2-3 foot range or closer.
  • Do not take an excessive amount of time to read your putt.
  • Never damage the green.  Too many golfers get angry and take it out on the course.
  • Be complimentary of a quality putt from someone else in your group

11 Rules of Golf Etiquette

Final Thoughts: Have Fun!

Golf is supposed to be fun.  Enjoy the journey!  If you are new to the game don’t be afraid to ask questions and be open to recommendations and tips.  Watch other golfers closely to see how they conduct themselves and move throughout the green.

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