A Golf Journey – Week 3 – January 19, 2020

Golf truly is a journey.  Here at golfjourney365, we love the game of golf and hope that our learning can help you improve your scores in your journey. That’s why I take the time to share my adventures and journey with you.

I hope to share my journey over the course of the next year and the years to come.  Golf has meant a lot to me in my life and has helped shape me into the person that I am today.   My goal is to average 7 rounds each week and play a total of 365 rounds in 2020, which will include both simulator golf rounds and real rounds.  Golf is a wonderful game for so many reasons. The opportunity to challenge yourself mentally, physically, emotionally while all in the outdoors with friends makes it special. I will share the following on various weeks:

  • Scores/Rounds
  • Stats
  • Swing thoughts 
  • Tips from online golf instruction
  • Training
  • Books I have read that pertain to golf
  • Other posts from my website 
  • Products I am currently using and Recommend

More about me

I am a 38 year old father of 3 with a full time job.  My goal is to become a scratch golfer and reach my full potential.  I love studying the golf swing and then experimenting in my golf simulator. I then test those swing changes in rounds of golf on the simulator.  I like to talk and learn about the golf swing and am currently studying to be a professional certified golf instructor. I played a lot of competitive golf during high school and my early 20s, I look to return to competitive golf at some point. 

Round 1

Pebble Beach Golf Links – 3230 yards – Par 72 – Score 72 (Even)

Summary – Played really well and was striking the ball solid. I had a double bogey on a par 7 where I struggled to get out of a difficult bunker, which lead to the double bogey. On the positive side, I made 5 biridies, which was incredible. I was really hitting some irons fantastic and took advantage from 150 yards and in. I had a focus of keeping my head behind the ball.

Overall – 1 Double Bogey, 3 Bogeys, 5 Biridies

  • Par 5’s = 1 under
  • Par 4’s = 1 over
  • Par 3’s = Even

Highlights – Made back to back birdied on 10 and 11 by sticking two wedges close to the hole.

Round 2

Blackbrook Golf Club – 6400 yards, Par 72 – Score 71 (-1)

Summary – I had messed around with some tempo training and speed training. I have to be careful not to start swinging too fast and get out of control. This round was about letting it all return to me and following the Shawn Clement approach to focusing on your target out in the distance.

Overall – 3 Birdies and 2 Bogeys

  • Par 5’s = 2 under
  • Par 4’s = 1 over
  • Par 3’s = Even

Highlights – I was able to make a birdie on a par 4 and play the par 3’s in even. In past weeks, I have struggled with the par 3s. However, once again I felt that my irons were being struck with great ease, but I was still producing a high club head speed.

Round 3

Magnolia (Augusta) National – 6356 yards – Par 72 – Shot 73 (+1)

Summary – Nothing really sticks out in this round, played an average round of golf. I struggled with holes 10 and 11 and hit a bad iron shot on 10, followed by a poor drive on 11. This led to two quick bogeys. In order to shoot under par, I really need to remain focused on my target throughout the round. I tend to fade off and then find myself in a difficult position.

Overall – 1 Double, 1 Bogey, 3 Biridies

  • Par 5’s = 1 Under
  • Par 4’s = 2 Over
  • Par 3’s = Even

Highlights – Once again I played the par 3’s in even par, second round in a row. I truly just lost some concenration on 10 and 11 or I would have been under par. For my next round I need to stay focused.

Round 4

Bethpage Black – 6500 yards – Par 72 – Score 76 (+4)

Summary – Bethpage Black is one difficult course. There are some narrow and long par 4’s that make scoring difficult. Even some of the par 5s are very challenging. I am pleased with this round as in the past I have shot high 70s and even in the 80s at this course. I was able to take advantage and make my pars on the easier holes. The last think you can let happen is to make a bogey on one of the easier holes. The distances on the par 4s where I made bogey were 504, 442, 421 and 381. All four of these holes left more than 175 left as the 381 yard hole requires a layup of about 200 yards.

Overall – 4 Bogeys

  • Par 5’s = Even
  • Par 4’s = 4 over
  • Par 3’s = Even

Highlights – Played the par 3s at even par for the third round in a row. I really managed my game well and the driver is starting to come around. One of my goals is to hit more fairways with my driver.

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Round 5

Whisling Straights – 6500 yards – Par 72 – Score 68 (-4)

Summary – My best round this year! Played awesome. Hit the driver straight and far, hit great approach shots and saved par when I needed to. The combination of tour tempo training, SuperSpeed Training, and Shawn Clement’s approach to visualizing the target all came together.

Overall – 1 Eagle, 4 Biridies, 2 Bogeys

  • Par 5’s = 4 under
  • Par 4’s = 1 over
  • Par 3’s = 1 under

Highlights – An eagle on a par 5 and played the par 3s in 1 under!


For the week: 5 Rounds

  • Par 5’s = 8 under
  • Par 4’s = 9 over
  • Par 3’s = 1 under

Highlights – Played the par 3s in 1 under. Played great on the par 5s again, but still need to improve on the par 4s. I am hopeful with the improvement in my driver, I could start scoring better on par 4s. I do need to practice some approach shots from 175 yards and further.

Swing Thoughts: Smooth Transition, visualizing the path, let it go. Prior to swing, head behind the ball.

Instructional Videos that Help Me!

I watched this prior to shooting 4 under. Love the advice on transition.
Love this one on visulization and height.

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