How Often To Regrip Golf Clubs: Complete Overview

When it comes to the golf grip, it might be the most important part of the club.  

Without a proper grip on the club, your body including your arms and hands will oven have too much tension to hit a quality shot.

We have all experienced a poor grip on the club either due to a grip that needs replaced, the rain or sweat.  There is nothing worse than not having confidence in your golf swing because of a poor grip on the club.

There are many things a golfer might not be able to control in the game of golf, however, the grip on your club can be controlled and should be monitored frequently by the golfer to ensure you are giving yourself the best chance to hit a quality shot.

Keeping in mind that the only part of our body connected to the golf club is through the grip on the club.  Having a quality grip with a quality golf club sets you up for success.  If you are lacking one of these two, your chances of hitting a quality shot decrease significantly.

If you hit a lot of balls at the range between rounds, you may need to replace your grips more frequently!

How often should you regrip your clubs?

Every 40 or so rounds, the golfer should reconsider getting new grips on their clubs.  Other factors that could impact this decision is the amount of practice between rounds and the weather conditions most frequently played in.

If you are someone that practices frequently, you might need to replace every 20-30 rounds if you are someone that is hitting a ton of golf balls at the driving range of if you have a golf simulator that you play on often.

If it has been several years since you have played a round of golf, I would recommend getting a new grip as the grips should start to lose their tact from being stored and the dirts, oil and humidity could impact the effectiveness of your grips.

What impacts the grips on the golf clubs?

There are three factors that impact the grips on your clubs.  These include:

  • Heat
  • Dirt
  • Oils

The combination of the heat, dirt and oils continues to wear out your grips and may decrease the performance of your golf grips over time.  If you are someone that plays a lot of golf in hot, humid conditions where a lot of sweat is produced, the oils and dirt that can gather on a grip wear the grip down over time and cause a lower performing grip.

If it has been a while since you have had new grips, you might not even realize the impact that a poor grip can have on your game.  It is a rather simple, cost effective improvement that can make a major difference in your game.

How to maximize the life of your golf grips?

After every shot, the golfer should wipe their grip down with a damp towel and then dry with a dry towel.

This is especially true in hot, humid weather where the sweat and the oils are produced at a higher level.

Over time, wiping your grips down after every shot, will reduce the amount of oils and dirt that can build up on your grips and help your grips perform at a high level.

Also, be careful where you store your clubs between rounds.  Many golfers will keep their clubs in the trunk of their car, but during the summer months the heat and humidity make this a poor option.  A cooler, less humid location can extend the life of your grips.

Wiping down your grips frequently can expand the life of your grips and the overall performance!

Why are quality golf grips so important?

If a golfer is standing over a shot, worried about the club flying out of their hands, there is a very low chance that the golfer will hit a quality shot as he or she will more than likely tighten up on the swing and not allow the proper release to occur.

This has happened to me when playing in the rain if I am having difficulty keeping the grip dry.  There is no worse feeling in golf than the fear of the club flying out of your hand.  The average golfer will swing their driver between 90 and 105 miles per hour.  If the club were to fly out of your hands, some damage could be done.

Even more damage will be done to the outcome of your shot when that doubt or tension starts to creep in.  Instead you want to be focused on your target with your hands being able to full release through the shot without fear of the club flying out of your hands.

For the low cost of replacing 13 clubs in your bag, it is an annual event that golfers could take part in to ensure the highest performance out out their grips and their clubs.

What grips should I use?

There are many different options when it comes to golf grips.  There are some that prefer a softer grip, while others prefer a firmer grip.  There are also golfers that like a thicker grip, while others prefer the traditional size.

There are also cord grips or half cord grips.  Every golfer might have a different feel that are seeking.  For me I greatly enjoy my Golf Pride Tour Wraps.  They perform well in hot weather and cold weather.  They are also easy to wipe down and have a quality, professional look to them.

I would highly recommend the Golf Pride Tour Wraps.  They come in different colors and have a high level of performance.  Check out the price on amazon below for 13 grips:

Who should use midsize grips?

If you have larger size hands or prefer a thicker feeling then the midsize grips might be a quality option.  It has been thought that the larger, thicker grips can help reduce the role of the hands in the swing and reduce the amount of rotation.

The best way is to test out the different size and see what feels best and performs best for your game.

Golf Pride Midsize Grips:

Can I replace my own golf grips?

Yes, if you want to save some money and don’t mind a project for home, then replacing your own golf grips is possible.

Some of the necessary equipment to replace your golf grips include:

  • A vise and rubber vise clamps
  • Hooked blade
  • Two sided grip tape
  • Grip solvent

This process can be somewhat difficulty if you aren’t overly handy.  Using great caution when removing the grip to keep yourself safe along with your golf shafts is important.  Proceed with caution when changing your own grips.

There are kits that include everything but the vice below:

Here is a how to video for changing your own grips:

Old grips and replacing grips

I have a golf simulator in my garage that I use just about everyday.  One of the fun things is pulling out a driver that is 20 years old and testing it out.  The one thing that always catches me by surprise is how much the grip wears down even when in storage. 

I find the grips to lack any type of quality grip and are often very sheen and slippery.  If you are using older clubs or clubs that have been in storage for a long time, it is worth getting them regripped and ensuring that you are able to stay safe and perform at your highest level possible on the course!

Final Thoughts: How Often To Regrip Golf Clubs

If you have any doubt about your golf grips, go ahead and spend the money to have them replaced.  It is better to change your grips 10 rounds too early then eve 2 rounds too late.  Make sure you are giving yourself the best chance to perform at your highest level. 

We can control the quality of the grips on our clubs by replacing on a regular pattern and frequency.  Make sure you take good care of your grips between shots and rounds by wiping them down and caring for your grips.  They are your only connection to the club, so take good care and replace when needed!

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