How Much Does a Golf Bag with Clubs Weigh?

The weight of golf bags with clubs will vary depending on the type of bag you choose. When filled with a full set of fourteen clubs, the average golf bag will weigh between 25-30 pounds. Lighter bags will weigh 15-20 pounds when filled, while a heavier bag the pros use can weigh as much as 50 pounds. 

There are several basic types of golf bags that golfers can choose from. Some are waterproof, some are luxurious, and some are stylish. Some are much heavier or lighter when you add the golf clubs, but how much will your chosen golf bag weigh with a full set of clubs?

The weight of a full golf bag can be the defining factor in your bag of choice, depending on whether you are a professional, a hobby golfer, or only golf once in a while. It can also depend on whether you usually walk the entirety of 18 holes or use a cart. Take a look below to see the different types of golf bags and what kind of factors can affect their weight so you can make the best purchase for you. 

Golfers have a lot of different options with golf bags! Find out which one is right for you below!

How Much Do Golf Bags Weigh?

The average golf bag will weigh between 25 to 30 pounds when filled with clubs. However, as mentioned above, this can vary depending on the type of golf bag you’re using. 

While there are many different brands and the styles and technology of golf bags are constantly changing and updating, there are six basic types of golf bags, and all of them weigh a different amount. 

Tour Bags

Tour bags are golf bags that are used by professional golfers and carried by caddies. They are by far the largest bag with space for everything from a full set of clubs to gloves and golf balls. 

This extra space comes in handy. However, it is a heavy golf bag at ten pounds when empty and up to fifty pounds when full. 

Cart Bags

Cart bags are a smaller version of the tour bags and include pockets and different places to carry gloves, golf balls, and clubs. They are designed to be pushed around on a trolley. 

Though they don’t have as much room to carry tons of extras that tour bags do, cart golf bags are significantly lighter at six pounds when empty

Stand Bags

Stand bags have retractable legs that the bag rests on when placed on the ground. They are also designed to be carried like backpacks. In addition to this style helping to distribute weight more evenly while being carried around, they are also naturally lighter than both tour and cart golf bags at about five pounds when empty.

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Pencil Bags

Pencil bags are a smaller version of stand bags but are much lighter. They do not have extra space for golf balls and gloves, which will lessen the potential weight. However, they are not waterproof, which can add to the golf bag’s overall weight if you are caught in a downpour (more on this later). 

There is enough room for a full set of fourteen clubs, and it is much easier to carry around than the other bags. 

Waterproof Bags

Waterproof bags have the advantage of being very light due to the material from which they are made. These bags also have the added benefit of keeping your clubs dry if you are caught in an unexpected downpour. 

In addition to the benefit of being lightweight and not having to worry about your clubs getting rusted, waterproof bags come in various styles, including the tour bag and the cart bag.

Travel Bags

Travel bags are designed for the person who travels a lot but still wants to get out and golf where they can. These bags hold golf clubs and all accessories and keep them safe during transports in airplanes. However, keep in mind that they can be a little tricky weight-wise as they can be either heavy (hard case) or light (soft case). 

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What Else Affects the Weight of a Golf Bag?

While golf bags themselves are the biggest factor in how heavy your golf bag will be when filled with clubs, there are other things to look out for and keep in mind if you want to keep your bag on the lighter side to easily move it around or carry. 


Rain can have a significant effect on the weight of the golf bag. If your bag is made of a material that is not waterproof, then the water will soak into the material; this can add an extra 2 to 4 pounds

While this may not seem like a huge amount of weight, when you are carrying a bag for 18 holes of golf, it can make a significant difference and sap energy better used for playing.


Next, there is the matter of the level of the iron level. Golf irons range from a 3-iron to a 9-iron and increase a little in weight with each level to the extent that there is nearly a full pound difference between the 3-iron and the 9-iron. 

The use of 3-irons is no longer common, but some golfers still use 5- or 6-irons. This can result in as much as a five-pound difference in total bag weight between them and someone who exclusively uses 9-irons (or even a mix of irons). 

A quality carry bag is essential if you aren’t using a power cart of push cart!

Steel or Graphite

Traditionally, the shafts of golf clubs are made with steel. This is a heavy material weighing anywhere from 90-120 grams. While still regularly used, steel has had some competition for a while now. In the 1990s, after two decades already on the market, graphite became a popular alternative and has been increasingly used ever since. 

As opposed to steel-shafted golf clubs, graphite weighs between 50-85 grams. Not only do some golfers think this helps their swing speed, but the overall bag weight difference if you carry graphite shafted clubs instead of steel-shafted ones is several pounds. 

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Golf Balls

Finally, the ultimate culprit that can make a difference in your golf bag’s overall weight is the number of golf balls you carry with you. Unlike golf clubs, golf ball weight is standard and very exact at 45.93 grams per ball. 

Typically, golfers will carry nine balls with them, which adds over two pounds to the golf bag’s weight. However, if your bag is smaller and does not have the extra pockets for that number of balls, you may have to do with fewer. This is not ideal if you are a golfer who tends to lose their balls, but it is helpful if you are trying to keep your bag on the lighter side. 

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we have taken a look into the weight of golf bags when they are full of clubs. Typically, this weight is somewhere between 25-30 pounds. However, it can be as little as 20 pounds or as much as 50 pounds, depending on whether you have a luxurious tour bag, a hard-cased travel bag, or prefer carrying the slender pencil bag.

This weight can vary widely on which level of iron club you are carrying, as well as whether or not your club shafts are made of lighter graphite or heavier steel. Many other factors can add or take away several pounds to your golf bags, including rain, your golf bag’s material, and the number of balls you carry with you.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer as to which is the right bag for you, but it is always good to know your options and how you can help ease some of the weight if necessary!

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