Best Golf Instruction Books For Beginners: Get Better Today!

Knowledge is power and the best knowledge of the golf swing can set you in the right direction.

Buying into a swing philosophy or approach can make the difference in your golf journey.  

I have been on the journey you might be on.  Trying to reach the next level of breaking 100, 90 or maybe 80.  

And your success will begin with having the right information.  Fortunately for you, the access to quality instruction has never been better.  Between youtube videos and books, we have great access compared to 30 years ago!

As a beginner golfer, it’s crucial to understand the value of proper instruction when starting your journey on the course. Golf is a complex and challenging game that requires a solid foundation of skills and knowledge. Without proper guidance, it’s easy to develop bad habits and struggle to improve your game. That’s where golf instruction books come in. These books provide valuable insights, techniques, and strategies that can help beginners build a strong foundation and improve their skills on the course.

One of the main advantages of golf instruction books is that they offer a structured approach to learning the game. They break down the various aspects of golf, from the fundamentals of the swing to course management strategies, into easy-to-understand chapters. This allows beginners to progress at their own pace and focus on specific areas they need to work on. Additionally, books often include helpful illustrations and diagrams that visually demonstrate proper techniques, making it easier for beginners to grasp the concepts.

Another benefit of learning from golf instruction books is the flexibility they offer. Unlike traditional golf lessons, which require scheduling and may not always be convenient, books can be accessed whenever and wherever you like. Whether you prefer reading at home or taking the book to the driving range, you have the freedom to learn at your own convenience.

This flexibility allows beginners to tailor their learning experience to fit their schedule and preferences.

Build up your golf book library!

Factors to consider when choosing a golf instruction book

With numerous golf instruction books available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. However, by considering a few key factors, you can ensure that you select a book that aligns with your learning style and goals.

Start with considering the author’s credentials and experience. Look for books written by reputable golf professionals or instructors who have a proven track record in coaching beginners. Their expertise and knowledge will provide you with reliable and accurate information.

Next, consider the content and structure of the book. Does it cover all the essential aspects of the game, from the basics to more advanced techniques? Does it provide clear instructions and explanations, accompanied by helpful visuals? A well-structured book will guide you through the learning process effectively, allowing you to grasp the concepts and techniques easily.

Finally, consider the reviews and recommendations from other golfers. Check online reviews and ratings to get an idea of how the book has helped other beginners. Personal recommendations from friends or fellow golfers can also be valuable in making an informed decision.

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Top golf instruction books for beginner golfers

These books have received high praise from both beginners and experts in the golfing community.  They are also personally some of my favorite books and the ones I have recommended for my golf friends who are just beginning the game.

Book 1: “The Golf Handbook: The Complete Guide to the Greatest Game” by Vivien Saunders

“The Golf Handbook” by Vivien Saunders is a comprehensive guide that covers everything a beginner golfer needs to know. From the basics of grip and stance to advanced techniques, this book provides clear explanations and helpful visuals to aid the learning process. Saunders, a renowned golf instructor, shares her wealth of knowledge and experience in an accessible and engaging manner.

Quick Thoughts: If you are someone that needs the comprehensive approach and wants a great amount of detail, this is a quality option!

Book 2: “Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf” by Ben Hogan

Considered a classic in the world of golf instruction, “Five Lessons” by Ben Hogan is a must-read for beginners. Hogan, one of the greatest golfers of all time, breaks down the fundamentals of the game in a detailed and insightful manner. His emphasis on the grip, stance, and swing mechanics makes this book a valuable resource for beginners looking to build a solid foundation.

Quick Thoughts: Maybe the most studied and envied swing of all time. Hearing it straight from Mr. Hogan can help get your game started in the right direction. His swing will continued to be studied as people try to solve Hogan’s “Secret in the dirt” comment!

Book 3: “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect” by Dr. Bob Rotella

While not a traditional instructional book, “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect” by Dr. Bob Rotella offers invaluable mental strategies for golfers of all skill levels, including beginners. Rotella, a renowned sports psychologist, explores the importance of having the right mindset on the golf course and provides practical tips to improve mental toughness and focus. This book is a game-changer for beginners looking to develop a strong mental game.

Quick Thoughts: Struggling with the pressures of the game and want to be mentally strong? Then this is a great option! A leader in this field, Dr. Rotella is impressive!

Book 4: “The Keys to the Effortless Golf Swing” by Michael McTeigue

“The Keys to the Effortless Golf Swing” by Michael McTeigue focuses on the mechanics of the golf swing and offers practical advice to help beginners develop a smooth and efficient swing. McTeigue’s clear explanations and step-by-step instructions make it easy for beginners to understand and implement the techniques. This book is highly recommended for those looking to improve their swing mechanics.

Quick Thoughts: We all want an effortless swing like Fred Couples or Ernie Els. Learn the mechanics and the swing thoughts needed to make this a reality!

Book 5: “Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime in Golf” by Harvey Penick

“Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book” is a compilation of golfing wisdom from the legendary golf instructor Harvey Penick. This book is filled with insightful anecdotes, tips, and lessons that are valuable to golfers of all levels, including beginners. Penick’s conversational writing style and timeless advice make this book an enjoyable and informative read.

Quick Thoughts: My favorite! Harvey Penick is truly an expert and what a resource he provided!

BONUS BOOK: The Stack and Tilt Swing: The Definitive Guide to the Swing That Is Remaking Golf by Michael Bennett and Andy Plummer

“The Stack and Tilt Swing: The Definitive Guide to the Swing That Is Remaking Golf” is a comprehensive book written by Michael Bennett and Andy Plummer, with Peter Morrice. This book introduces the Stack and Tilt swing, a new approach to golf that has gained popularity on the PGA Tour. The authors provide a step-by-step guide, including full-color illustrations, to help golfers understand and implement this innovative swing technique. The book also includes practice routines, troubleshooting tips, and detailed assistance to help golfers improve their game using the Stack and Tilt swing method.

Quick Thoughts: The Stack and Tilt swing method is a great way to learn to strike the ball solid, to hit a draw and how the swing works. This complete book truly is remarkable and worth the money, it provides answers to many of the questions that exist in golf – truly remarkable and a game changer!

Extra BONUS: The Four Foundations of Golf: How To Build A Game That Lasts A Lifetime

“The Four Foundations of Golf: How to Build a Game That Lasts a Lifetime” is a comprehensive golf book that aims to guide readers on building a solid foundation for their golf game. Written by an experienced golfer that went through many trial and tribulations with his own game, this book provides valuable insights and practical strategies to help golfers of all skill levels improve their game. The book covers take a practical approach and an analytics approach to the golf game and doesn’t get lost in swing mechanic advice. With a focus on long-term improvement, this book offers a well-rounded approach to developing a consistent and successful golf game.

Quick Thoughts: My most recent read as I dive back into tournament golf. This book can help golfers of all ability levels!

Conclusion: Start improving your golf game with the best instruction books for beginners

In conclusion, golf instruction books are an invaluable resource for beginner golfers looking to improve their game. They provide structured learning, flexibility, and expert guidance that can help beginners build a solid foundation and progress on the course. By considering factors such as the author’s credentials, content, and reviews, you can choose the right instruction book for your needs.

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